Claimbits Review (2022) – Free Bitcoin PTC Site Or Not?

Claimbits is a PTC site that was launched in 2019. You can quickly find everything you want at Claimbits PTC site, but everything is a little crowded. Sometimes less is more. But on the whole, it doesn’t matter. In recent years, it seems that many PTC sites have emerged, some of which are more valuable than others. But is any of them really worth your attention? This is controversial, and you will have a better opinion after reading this Claimbits PTC site comment.

I would like to state that I am not using this article to get recommendations because I am not interested in making investment in Satoshi. This may let you know what I think of faucet website!

What is Claimbits PTC site?

Claimbits offers more than just a faucet, where you can earn bitcoin in many different ways. Unfortunately, you can’t find any information about the owner of Claimbits. Although this is common on PTC site, it’s still a little sad.

If you want some specific information about Claimbits PTC site, you should check our FAQ area. It does a good job and provides solutions to most problems. Sometimes the English in their common questions is a little strange, but it doesn’t matter. It’s still easy to understand.

Cryptocurrency PTC site is becoming more and more popular, which is its characteristic. The net is. Claimbits PTC site will provide you with the opportunity to earn bitcoin Satoshi, which is a small part of bitcoin cryptocurrency.

This is usually accomplished by clicking on links. For each task you can perform, you will be assigned an internal currency of Claimbits PTC site, which can be converted into Satoshi.

Claimbits PTC site is applicable to both “users” who want to get Satoshi and “advertisers” who want to expose their promotional activities. Advertisers will find this valuable for generating potential customers, selling or choosing to join.

You may not know the word Satoshi, so here’s an explanation. Satoshi is a small part of bitcoin. To be exact, 1 Satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 bitcoin. Yes, this is a very small amount.

So, will earning Satoshi be an ideal opportunity for you to embark on the road of financial success? I doubt this, but please read on for your own instructions.

How Does Claimbits PTC Site Work?

You can take it from the faucet of Claimbits PTC site every 5 minutes, but it’s not that good. The pay is average. There are some better faucets, but there are also many worse ones. Payment for each area is OK, but they should increase a little. There are many powerful competitors who pay a higher price.

Whenever you use the faucet of Claimbits PTC site, you will scroll. The higher your number, the more bits you win. Bit is a currency used only by Claimbits, and 1 bit represents 1 Satoshi. Everything you do at Claimbits will get bitcoin and can convert it into bitcoin. You can always see the value of your bitcoin in bitcoin.

Is Claimbits’ PTC Site a Scam?

Some people claim that the faucet website is a scam because its essence is to attract people to get so little return. Although I would not recommend Claimbits as a way to make money, in my opinion, they are not scams.

Claimbits PTC site provides services to those who are willing to invest their time to earn a meager income. They didn’t suggest that you would make a lot of money, but they didn’t explain your actual income. Claimbits PTC site is not a scam, but like other PTC sites, you can do more with your precious time.

How to Make Money from Claimbits PTC Site?

The faucet of Claimbits PTC site is clean, intuitive and easy to use. However, you need to create an account in some micro wallets (faucets are recommended) and attach your wallet. Faucet hub is a secure platform with continuous and regular payment and extremely fast speed (proved to thousands of subscribers), making Claimbits PTC site a secure and specific website!

In order to make money at Claimbits PTC site, you just need to log in with your own micro wallet. By solving a very simple geetest (basically moving a puzzle into a graphic and putting it into a blank area, which is a much faster process than any rechaptcha or solve media), after entering, you just need to solve another geetest to complete the claim, and the game is finished!

After 5 minutes, you can request again: as long as the page remains open, the account will remain stored, making the process faster.

Once you file a claim, Satoshi will be credited to your direct account on the website and you can request a transfer to your account if you need it and are not restricted.

Claimbits PTC Site Referral Program

Claimbits holds a recommendation competition every month, but they obviously attach great importance to recommending people to Claimbits. There are only 20000 satoshis in the first prize. You even need to recommend more than 30 people to win the prize. You can only get 5% from their offerwall and shortlink income and 10% from their faucet claim. This is really low, and most websites pay at least 20% or more. Of course, you will get some rewards, and your recommendation will not earn a penny less.

Claimbits PTC Site Membership Program

If you are very active in Claimbits, you can upgrade your membership. If you do, you’ll get more from everything, but let’s warn you. It’s not worth your money. A month’s membership bonus is likely to be higher than your income. The only situation you should upgrade is if you have a lot of referrals, because the Commission will also upgrade a little. Many people even recommend you to upgrade. Most people lose money when they upgrade, so we’d better not do that.

How Much Money Can I Make from Claimbits?

Any PTC company has little profit potential. This includes Claimbits, one of the best bitcoin faucet websites I’ve ever seen. To explain how much money you make through these faucet websites, here is an example.

You have heard me mention “bit” in this comment, which is an internal currency, equivalent to about 1.5 Satoshi.

As I explained earlier, 1 Satoshi is equivalent to 0.00000001 bitcoin. At present, bitcoin is worth about $8000, so a Satoshi is worth $0.0000793569 in dollar terms.

The completion time of PTC task is said to be 20 seconds, and the reward is 5. Or 15 bits in 60 seconds, and their calculation results are the same.

When you have loaded an ad page with PTC for about 1 minute, you have to wait for it to load. Then you read the ad and go back to the Claimbits home page.

It took you two minutes, but generously, let’s assume that you have ultra-high speed broadband and you need one minute to complete everything. It’s unrealistic, but I’ll still make you happy.

This will be 5 bits × 60 minutes, equivalent to 300 bits per hour. Not that you can do this “end-to-end” for eight hours in a row, but that you did it. There are 2400 bits a day, equivalent to 3600 Satoshi.

What is 3600 Satoshi in US dollars? About $0.28. Do you really think your precious time is worth 28 cents a day? I am also generous in this example. In fact, you are more likely to earn 20 cents in the United States.

How to Withdraw from Claimbits PTC Site?

Unlike some other PTC websites, Claimbits PTC site only pays bitcoin Satoshi. Litecoin advertising and other websites will use litecoin to pay, but Claimbits is just a bitcoin faucet website. You need to set up a micro wallet payment system. It is recommended to use faucet payment, kswallet or bitcoin wallet.

You can withdraw your coins as cryptocurrency to your faucetpay or expresscrypto account.

The minimum withdrawal limit of Claimbits PTC website is: Faucet Pay: 4000 Satoshi, Bitcoin Wallet: 200000 Satoshi.


Claimbits PTC site has some very cool ideas, such as achievements. It also provides many different ways to make profits. If you like to spend a lot of time earning bitcoin, Claimbits PTC site is the right place for you. Payment may be better because other websites, such as grabtc, offer almost the same payment method, but the payment method there is much better. However, Claimbits PTC site is a good website. We can recommend it to everyone you like and let them spend a few minutes a day to earn bitcoin.

At Claimbits PTC site, the only thing we can’t understand is that the Commission of their recommenders is very low. This is a bad idea, because the more users a website has, the more money the owner makes. However, if you make too little money from Claimbits PTC site, the motivation to recommend people to Claimbits PTC site is very low. If Claimbits PTC site can improve their payment level and their Recommendation Commission, we believe it will be a very good faucet. At present, this is only the average level.

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