Top 10 Most Trusted Bitcoin (BTC) PTC Sites (Instant Payout) 2022

Bitcoin PTC sites are equivalent to a medium, and this post introduces the 10 most trusted Bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites for you. Usually, advertisers or online marketers need a lot of blog traffic to promote their products and services. Therefore, they seek traffic from these bitcoin PTC sites, which initially had a large number of registered users around the world. This is because these users are ready to watch any new ads. Therefore, bitcoin PTC sites provides the high traffic required by online advertisers and marketers in exchange for the smallest unit of bitcoin (Satoshi). Then, these bitcoin PTC sites divide bitcoin into two parts and pay advertising viewers every day.

How Does Bitcoin PTC Sites Make Money?

Bitcoin PTC site is a bridge between advertisers and users. Dozens of online marketers need to visit their websites and blogs to promote their cryptocurrency products or services. Because they don’t have a huge budget and are not eligible for Google or other leading advertising networks, they choose bitcoin PTC site, where they have to pay a small commission, which helps them have a huge amount of money in their pockets.

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How Much Can I Earn by Clicking Ads?

Below is the list of all the ways that you can earn from these sites:

  • Watching Ads – This would be the main source of income from every PTC site. Most of them display up to 30-100 advertisements each day, thus giving you great opportunities for earning bitcoin.
  • Surveys and Offerwalls – Apart from earning bitcoin through watching ads, some PTC sites give you more ways of increasing your earnings. You can earn bitcoins for watching videos, downloading apps, doing sign-ups, doing surveys, playing games and others.
  • Referral Commissions – Obtaining direct referrals, is the best and most stable way to earn from PTC  sites. Every legit bitcoin PTC site will let you have unlimited number of direct referrals, thus increasing your earning potential a lot.

There are many factors that affect the amount of money that you can earn from a PTC site.

First of all, is your country of origin. Advertisers are targeting specific countries with their advertisements so members from these countries will have more ads to view. That is also the reason why some members are getting a lot more surveys and offers than others.

As with every online earning opportunity, your overall profitability will be determined by the level of effort that you put on working on those sites. The more times you login to the site and click ads, the more money you will make. Since they are free to join, you can login to many sites simultaneously and therefore increase the number of ads you are watching.

Finally, the more direct referrals you can obtain the more will be your earnings. Having a lot of direct referrals is the main source of income on every PTC site. Genuine PTC sites will let you refer unlimited number of members. If they remain active you may end up earning thousands of satoshi each day. I have also written an article to help you obtain more direct referrals.

1. Neobux

If you are a beginner trying to earn some sort of income through Bitcoin PTC sites, then this is just about the best option for you to start with because it is very beginner friendly with no investment and experience needed.

Get paid to view ads on the platform

Withdraw your cash instantly through PayPal and Payza

Get paid to complete simple online surveys

Earn by completing simple online tasks

Make Money by playing free online games.

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2. BTC Click

BTC-Clicks offers around 20 ads every day and you can earn between 4 and 8 Satoshis per ad. Sadly, the payment is abysmal, 4 Satoshis for an ad that needs to stay in focus for over 10 seconds is just way too low. You also have to solve an annoying Captcha after EVERY ad, that makes them tedious to do. By the way, they tell you that you earn 0,00004 mBTC for every ad, but don’t let that mislead you. That’s just 4 Satoshis, even if it looks way more.

You can withdraw your money as soon as you have 0,1 mBTC, you have to click for nearly a year to be able to withdraw your money. It’s not that their withdrawal minimum is too high, there are just too few ads and the payment is way too bad.

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3. BitsForClicks

The awesome stuff that we found here on BitsForClicks is that they pay via Bitcoin (mBTC specifically) and we all know that this cryptocurrency popularly known as BTC is decentralized and doesn’t go through banks that cost insane transaction fees. Crypto money are more comfortable to use since it is a one click send and receive transaction, much easier to use than PayPal that passes through different processes which cuts hell lot of your money.

4. AdBTC is a free cryptocurrency earning platform that runs PPC(pay per click) model. Earn cryptocurrency just by viewing ads and shorting links on the site. Unlike similar other earning platforms, adbtc paying more Satoshi for every ad view.

Many ads available. You can earn hundreds of satoshi every day.

One of the few sites with no upgrades or rented referrals.

Unlimited referral program. Also is one of the few sites that you do not have to be active every day to earn from your referrals.

The minimum payout is 20000 satoshis.

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5. BTCVic

Payment can be requested on any bitcoin address, the minimum payout amount is 0.00015000 BTC.

At the top left, once registered, there is the “view ads” screen: once clicked, the various ads of the day appear; on average they are to be displayed for 10-20 seconds but there are also some 70 or 100 seconds and in this case the bitcoin gain that will be credited will be greater.

6. CoinAdder

Coinadder.Com Browse websites via the “View Ads” page. Once the 15 seconds is up, you’ll either get a green check mark or a red ‘X’. The green check mark means you’ve earned Bitcoins for the visit and the ‘X’ means you have not earned anything for the visit. You’ll get red X’s when you have more than one website from the “View Ads” page open. When this happens, you get no credit.Most payments are processed within 7 days via All payments are processed manually and checked for click fraud. Please make sure you have the correct Bitcoin Address in your Profile page.

7. Ads4BTC

Ads4BTC sells advertising at an affordable rate to up and coming companies so they can promote their business to real, human Bitcoin users at low CPC (Cost per Click) rates. Ads4BTC keeps some bitcoin then gives the rest to those who view the ads. We’ve come across some interesting bitcoin websites We ensure high quality Bitcoin traffic by various security measures and anti-cheat protection.

8. Coinbulb

The oldest site on the list as it has been online since 2016.

Many ads available every day. You can also get an activity bonus if you sign in every day.

You can get unlimited direct referrals and earn from their activities for life. You do not have to be active every day to earn from your referrals.

You can upgrade your account and double your earnings and your referral earning.

Minimum payout is only 0.1 mBTC.

9. FaucetPay

 FaucetPay is traditionally viewed as a Microwallet, faucet earnings aggregator/provider.  Its aim is to minimize the transaction fees paid by Faucet operators, by having it all connected within one site.  Meaning transferring BTC from one wallet/user to another costs nothing (until you wish to withdraw from FaucetPay which will require a transaction fee.  This way you can earn from hundreds of different sites/faucets and the funds instantly will be credited to your account.  Many sites listed above pay out to FaucetPay exactly for this reason.  It’s a win-win for both site operators and users. So why is it on our list of Paid-To-Click faucets?  FaucetPay, along with other functionality discussed below, has its own site operated PTC section where you can earn a few Satoshi per view! A FaucetPay account is a must have for anyone using faucets.

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10. Grabtc

GraBTC is one of the most promising Faucets/PTC launched in early 2020. The Site has multiple ways to earn Bitcoins every day by doing Tasks like watching Ads, Claiming on the Faucet, Shortlink completing, Contest participation, Lottery, Offerwalls, Survey, Jobs, and more. GraBTC has Memberships where you can earn more but we never recommend buying Memberships in any Site if you don’t do it with the passive earned Bitcoins! You can cash out your earnings on a direct Wallet or to Faucetpay and the minimum is 5000 Satoshi. 

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