Pay to click is one of the phrases familiar to MMO Internet users. Although it is known that most PTC websites pay in US dollars, there are also the best bitcoin PTC websites that pay users bitcoin. These pay per click sites are called BTC PTC sites. This article introduces 15 high-yield bitcoin PTC sites. You can directly use these websites to obtain bitcoin, so that you can make huge profits in the process of price rise. Accumulate your bitcoin and don’t sell it because it’s powerful enough to change your life.

Best BTC PTC List - Earn Free

This list cointains 15 best bitcoin PTC in 2022 according to differenent aspects. To increase your chances of making more profits, signup for multiple PTC sites and complete as many tasks as you can. Bitcoin PTC sites are undoubtedly a no-brainer method of earning free Bitcoins.


10% Referral Surfing Earnings + 5% Referral Ad Spendings

Earn 600 satoshi daily

BTC Clicks

Earn up to 0.00005 mBTC Per Click

40% to 80% Referral  Commission!


Earn 0.02$ in BTC daily

Available for All Users


Faucet List+Offerwall+Surveys+Tasks+Roll the Dice

Earn $10 and More Every Day


Claim Upto 0.03405 BTC Every Hour

CPU mining+Achievements+Offerwalls Contests


Claim 5 Satoshi Every 3 Minutes

10% Referral Commission


10% Referral Surfing Earnings + 5% Referral Ad Spendings

Earn 600 satoshi daily


Mining Game+Offerwalls+PTC Ads+ShortLink+Daily Rewards

10% Referrals Commission


Short Link+PTC+Offerwall+Task+Referrals

Claim Bits Every 15 Mins

BTC Bunch


25% Referral Commission


Active Window Ads+Offerwalls+Faucet

30 % Referral Commission

Koiniom Review

Btc Vic

30 seconds -> 0.00000002 BTC

Earn 10 satoshi daily

Btc Vic Review



40% Referral Commissions

FreeBitcoin Review


PTC Ads+Surveys+Offers+Referral Contest+50% Referrals

Earn up to 100 satoshi daily

CryptoWin Review


View Ads+Daily Bonus+Free Cliam+Offers+Shortlink+Games

Earn 0.02$ in DOGE every day!

Ad-Doge Review

How Does the Bitcoin PTC Site Work?

Bitcoin PTC website acts as a business intermediary between advertisers and website members. Usually, advertisers or online marketers need a lot of blog traffic to promote their products and services. Therefore, they seek traffic from these bitcoin PTC websites, which initially had a large number of registered users around the world. This is because these users are ready to watch any new ads. Therefore, pay-to-click bitcoin websites provide the high traffic required by online advertisers and marketers in exchange for bitcoin. Then, these bitcoin PTC websites divide bitcoin into two parts and pay advertising viewers every day.

How To Make Money from Bitcoin PTC Website?

As we all know, the bitcoin PTC website pays to watch the website through bitcoin without spending too much energy or requiring specific skills. Therefore, clicking on advertising is the fastest way to earn bitcoin. In addition, due to its simplicity, bitcoin PTC website is one of the best online money making programs. So if you want to make money online through these websites, you just need to click on the advertisements and view them within a certain period of time. In addition, the longer the advertising duration, the higher the review cost.

Get Bitcoin Address

First, we want to earn bitcoin from the free PTC website. You need a bitcoin wallet. Because when you register on these websites, you need to provide your bitcoin address and other details. Therefore, before using bitcoin PTC website, you need to create your own bitcoin wallet and obtain the number of coins to be transferred to it. So if you don’t have a FaucetPay micro or iCoinPay wallet, sign up.

Earn More from Different Bitcoin PTC Website

In order to make money faster and more, the most important thing is that you should log in to bitcoin PTC website every day and watch all available advertisements. In addition, you should watch advertisements on all registered websites at the same time. Therefore, you will save a lot of valuable time and earn more. In addition, you can upgrade your membership on bitcoin PTC website, get higher rewards for your clicks and higher commissions for your recommended clicks.

Join Referral Program

Recommend your friends to the best bitcoin PTC legal website
For website owners, it is worthwhile and convenient to use bitcoin PTC website for publicity purposes to attract more visitors to their website. In addition, free bitcoin PTC websites usually have a recommendation system. Therefore, each website provides recommendation commissions for recommendation friends. Therefore, you can recommend your friends to the list of legitimate bitcoin PTC websites, earn the Commission of recommended clicks and get more bitcoin.

Join Similar Websites

Therefore, in order to make more free coins, you should sign up for a variety of bitcoin PTC websites. These websites are similar to bitcoin PTC websites. However, in addition to click advertising, there are more bitcoin production options. This will include surveys, reading emails, etc. In addition, you should try bitcoin faucets to earn more in a very simple way. In addition, if you have your own website, it can help you earn more. You should try bitcoin advertising network. Therefore, if you display advertiser banners on your website, you will have a chance to earn bitcoin.