What is BTC Faucet

Bitcoin faucets is an application or website that distributes a small amount of cryptocurrency as a reward for completing simple tasks. The rewards of bitcoin faucets are small, just like small drops of water from a leaking faucet. However, for bitcoin faucets, a small amount of free or earned cryptocurrency will be sent to the user’s wallet. In order to get free encryption, users need to complete such simple tasks as watching advertisements, watching product videos, completing tests, and clicking links (be careful!) Or complete man-machine verification.

How Do Bitcoin Faucets Work?

Bitcoin faucets mostly make money through advertising, alliance marketing and product promotion. Therefore, most BTC faucets require users to complete small tasks, from simple verification codes to accessing certain links and watching promotional videos. Before completing the task, most bitcoin faucets services require you to register an account and provide your wallet address.

After that, you can solve a small task to apply for BTC. The reward you get after completing the task will be transferred to a micro wallet until you accumulate the minimum amount of Satoshi and need to withdraw it to your wallet. When this happens, the bitcoin faucet will (manually or automatically) transfer your own BTC balance to your standard third-party wallet. It should be noted that each bitcoin faucet will have a time lock, which can limit the coin claim to a specific time period (for example, once every 5 minutes and once every 30 minutes).

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What is the Purpose of Bitcoin Faucets?

What is the purpose of bitcoin Faucets? Even Andreson said on his website that he wanted “bitcoin to succeed”, so he invented the faucet and gave others some coins as a start. Bitcoin was only worth a few cents, so it was not sent out like hundreds of thousands of dollars. But this proves that over time, even a small value can be turned into a lot of money with a faucet. So the reasons can be the followings:

 1. Spread the word about Bitcoin

 2. Limited availability of crypto exchanges

 3. Make money passively

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Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin Faucets Pros

1. Anyone can make money around the clock by bitcoin faucet, and the threshold for registration is very low.

2. If you complete the upgrade on bitcoin faucet, you can expect to get more compensation for each claim.

3. Most bitcoin faucets pay a referral commission of more than 30%.

4. 90% of bitcoin faucet has no fraud, and there is no risk of loss of money

5. When you register on bitcoin faucet, you don’t need to login details, with a few exceptions. Just enter your bitcoin address for the first time and receive your bitcoin into the micro wallet immediately from the next time.

6. The protection of 2fa micro wallet and registered faucet account ensures the security of bitcoin faucet.

7. Many currencies, such as bitcoin, faucet, etc., are now supported.

8. Using smartphones to make money on mobile devices using bitcoin faucet has become possible.

Bitcoin Faucets Cons

1. Informal bitcoin faucet members cannot earn more from bitcoin faucets. Because their system is designed in such a way that members who make more claims are rewarded.

2. Due to the sharp rise in BTC prices, bitcoin faucets began to pay very low fees.

3. The high volatility of bitcoin prices sometimes leads to losses when converted into US dollars.

4. We need effective plans in the bitcoin faucet to earn a reasonable income.

What You Should Know Before Joining Bitcoin Faucet?

The operation of bitcoin faucets is mainly based on completing simple tasks and participating in established activities. Bitcoin faucets can fix rewards and set a time limit for users to receive rewards. Usually, users need to register on bitcoin faucets by entering their details and wallet address. After completing a task on the website, the reward will be allocated to a micro Wallet – a wallet similar to a traditional wallet, but capable of collecting a small amount of encrypted assets. For most bitcoin faucets, micro wallets are created automatically at the time of registration. Some encrypted faucets will cooperate with some well-known wallet platforms, such as faucetpay and icoinpay. We can withdraw the rewards to these wallets at a very low amount without handling charges. This is also a method worth trying. After all, these wallets have been used by more users and will not cause fraud. We also need to know the following information about BTC Faucet.

  1. Time Interval
  2. Claim Amount/Time
  3. Minimum Withdrawal
  4. Withdrawal Fee
  5. Withdrawal Method
  6. Referral Program

Other Types of Crypto Faucets

Litecoin Faucets

Free Litecoin is available from crypto faucets that reward users with a small amount of LTC coins in exchange for the actions performed on the participating sites. In the case of Litecoin faucets, users trade their time for rewards in Litecoin that are known as Litoshi.

Ethereum Faucets

Ethereum faucets are similar to bitcoin faucets. But, users are rewarded with Ether instead of satoshis for completing different tasks. That is a great way to earn free ETH tokens by contributing to data mining and advertisements. 

Bitcoin Cash Faucet

A Bitcoin Cash (BCH) faucet gives out free BCH tokens after one performs the different tasks requested by the provider regularly. Generally, one has to sign up for a micro wallet for them to participate in a Bitcoin Cash faucet that lets them receive small amounts of bitcoin cash tokens.

The Future of Bitcoin Crypto Faucets

Bitcoin faucets is just an interesting website that allows new encrypted users to use these currencies. You can learn how to interact with the cryptocurrency ecosystem without making a huge investment. However, we should not expect bitcoin faucets to bring rich cash returns.

But the small rewards you get can accumulate into considerable price gains. At present, every time you complete a task at bitcoin faucets, the typical bitcoin faucets will spend a small amount of money. In addition, user spending is limited in a specific period.

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