Top 10 Best High Paying Bitcoin (BTC) PTC Sites – Updated May 2022

Do you really want to get free bitcoin? Bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites is one of the best free ways to get bitcoin? These are bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites. I created a list of top 10 best high paying bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites. The platform I added is the bitcoin PTC website with the highest payment, so I suggest you must join these BTC PTC websites. These are my biggest sources of income, not only bitcoin, but I also convert BTC and get extra income from it.

What Are Bitcoin (BTC) PTC Sites?

Bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites can help you earn bitcoin online while accessing interesting bitcoin businesses. PTC stands for paid click, and its concept is simple – bitcoin enterprises hope to reach potential customers through these bitcoin PTC websites. Users click on the advertisement and visit the enterprise website for a few seconds to a few minutes, and therefore receive bitcoin rewards. However, let me start by saying that this is not a route for everyone. You are unlikely to use this money to pay the rent in New York. However, in many regions outside developed countries, it is equally easy to own bitcoin wallets and earn some real money. 500 million people in India live on less than $2 a day. I think the revenue of bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites is considerable in many parts of the world. If you are a novice, this is also a very interesting way to earn your first bitcoin. After all, you don’t have to pay anything except a few minutes.

How Bitcoin (BTC) PTC Sites Work?

Bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites acts as a business intermediary between advertisers and website members. Usually, advertisers or online marketers need a lot of blog traffic to promote their products and services. They initially have a lot of traffic from these websites. This is because these users are ready to watch any new ads. Therefore, pay per click bitcoin websites provide the high traffic required by online advertisers and marketers in exchange for bitcoin. Then, these bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites divide bitcoin into two parts and pay advertising viewers every day. Depending on the membership you choose, you will earn 0.001 mbtc to 0.05 mbtc per click on these legitimate websites.

How Bitcoin (BTC)  PTC sites Make Money?

Bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites makes money by providing advertisers with access to thousands of potential customers. In other words, the PTC website sells advertising space on its platform. In other words, when you start playing games and make money by watching these advertisements, it is a two-way relationship, and everyone benefits from it. By providing your time and advertisers, you can put their products in front of you and possibly get a new customer. Then you can make money by clicking on ads.

Are Bitcoin (BTC) PTC Sites Legit?

Bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites’ pay per click is a legal business model that benefits thousands of people and businesses. All PTC websites you will find in this list are 100% legal and verified. I’ve tried most of them myself. I’ve studied other PTC websites I didn’t register.

Once you understand the purpose of PTC website and why people pay you to click on ads, it’s easy to trust them. I know there are many fraudulent websites, but they haven’t kept their promises. Many people are victims of online fraud and are finally disappointed. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to the website information when looking for bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites.


Adbtc top is a bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites that get bitcoin. People can get bitcoin and Satoshi by clicking on advertisements. These bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites are currently the most profitable bitcoin sites on the Internet. You only need to spend a little time clicking on the advertisement for a few minutes. Adbtc top makes money by advertising other people’s or company’s websites, allowing their users to click and view, and if they find it interesting, they will sign up. You can promote any cryptocurrency or platform you want to promote on bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites.

BTC Clicks

Clicking on BTC clicks bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites may not make a lot of money, but because the task itself is very simple, some people are still attracted by these PTC sites. In my opinion, I believe there is a better way to make money, because PTC website will only provide you with change. Anyway, BTC clicks itself is a PTC website – I can confirm that it is also a legal website, but this website does not pay in a typical currency such as US dollars, but in cryptocurrency bitcoin. At present, there is a lot of publicity around cryptocurrency, so many people are very interested in bitcoin PTC website. This is because the value of cryptocurrency is constantly changing, so if it rises, you can earn more through BTC clicks bitcoin (BTC) PTC sites, but similarly, if it falls, you can earn less.


Once you have registered on the NeoBux Bitcoin PTC site, you can start earning by viewing ads. You will get a special link that you can share among your friends and start collecting referrals. You can also take rented referrals and can earn cash. Neobux also pays you for playing games or completing online surveys or more such online tasks.


Faucetpay bitcoin (BTC) PTC site is a micro wallet provider. You can get micro payment from faucet and other websites without paying any additional fee. Faucetpay bitcoin (BTC) PTC site is also a crypto wallet, which allows you to store or send all encrypted information, including bitcoin Satoshi. It can even be 1 Satoshi without paying any fee until you start accumulating from $1. No matter how many bitcoin or other passwords you have in your wallet, withrawal’s account and fee are 1000 Satoshi plus.


Grabtc bitcoin (BTC) PTC site is one of the most promising faucets / PTCs launched in early 2020. Grabtc bitcoin (BTC) PTC site has many ways to earn bitcoin every day, such as watching advertisements, claiming on the faucet, completing short links, participating in competitions, lucky draw, providing services, investigation, work and so on. Grabtc bitcoin (BTC) PTC site has membership, you can earn more, but if you don’t use passive bitcoin, we don’t recommend you to buy membership on any website!

Btc Vic

Btcvic is an active bitcoin (BTC) PTC site. For about a year, you can earn bitcoin by displaying advertisements. We can apply for withdrawal after saving 0.00015 BTC on btcvic. We just need to click the “view advertisement” page on btcvic bitcoin (BTC) PTC site, and you will get a certain amount of bitcoin in 10 seconds. The revenue of recommended clicks is 50%. Btcvic bitcoin (BTC) PTC site takes 50 Satoshi as the registration gift. There is no advanced subscription, only the standard configuration file.

Adbch Top

Adbch top is a bitcoin PTC website, where you can get bitcoin cash (BCH) payment by watching advertisements. Adbch top, the sister website of adbtc, is one of the easiest ways to earn the first bitcoin cash. Members from any country can join for free as long as they are over 18 years old. All adbch top bitcoin PTC website payments are made in bitcoin cash.


There are four different ways to obtain cryptocurrency on the larvelfaucet bitcoin PTC website. Get tokens for every task you do, such as visiting short links, completing verification codes, getting discounts from the discount wall, watching videos, etc. You can convert it into bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Wright coin and dogecoin on the larvelfaucet bitcoin PTC website. They will add more altcoins to withdraw money in the future. At present, all withdrawals are processed through the faucet center. It is expected that there will be more choices in the near future.


Claimbits bitcoin PTC website is a relatively new crypto faucet website, which gives you the opportunity to earn a small amount of bitcoin Satoshi. You can complete trivial tasks on claimbits bitcoin PTC website, usually by clicking the advertising link. For each task you can perform, you will be assigned a bit, which is the internal currency of claimbits bitcoin PTC website and can be converted into Satoshi.

BTC Bunch

BTCbunch is a bitcoin PTC website that provides multiple cryptocurrencies. BTCbunch will also provide you with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, DASH, BNP and more. Btcbunch uses its own currency token. 10000 tokens are worth about $0.1. This design looks very practical and effective, but it is not as beautiful as other faucets. This will take a lot of time and reduce the experience of using btbunch. Btcbunch bitcoin PTC website is very new and has been online since September 2021.

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