Top 20 Best Bitcoin Faucets for 2022 - Highest Paying

This article lists the top 20 best high-paying bitcoin faucets of 2022. The main purpose of a bitcoin faucet is to introduce new people to the cryptocurrency world by giving coins for completing simple tasks. For many users in developing countries or users who are unemployed, a bitcoin faucet website can also reward a substantial income by completing simple tasks online. So don’t hesitate to try these websites!

Best BTC Faucet List - Earn Free

This list cointains 20 best bitcoin faucets in 2022 according to differenent aspects. To increase your chances of making more profits, signup for multiple faucets and complete as many tasks as you can. Faucets are undoubtedly a no-brainer method of earning free Bitcoins.

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Faucet + PTC + Games

Various Offerwall + Android App


Faucet + PTC + Offerwall + Shortlinks

 High Paying Offerwall 100,000 Satoshi BTC daily


Faucet + PTC + Offerwall

High Paying BTC PTC + High Reward Contest


Faucet + Offerwall + Airdrop + GameFi

Various Faucets + Coin Vote


Faucet + PTC + Offerwall + Shortlink

Claim Every 2 Min + 30% High Referral Bonus

Dutchy Faucet

Faucet + PTC + Offerwall + Shortlink

Support 73 Crypto Coins Auto Faucet 


Faucet  + Offerwall + Tasks…

Auto Claim + Daily Bonus


Faucet + PTC + Offerwall

25% Level 1 + 10%  Level 2 Referral Bonus


BTC Faucet

Claim Every 10 Min + 12,000 Faucet List


Faucet + Game

Multiply BTC


Faucet  + Offerwall + Mining…

Claim Every 30 Min + BTC, ETH, LTC Mining


Faucet + PTC + Offerwall + Shortlink

Claim Every 30 Min + Daily Bonus


BTC Mining + Game

Interesting Free BTC Mining Game


13 Crypto Coins Faucet

Claim Every 5 Min + Mining List

Feyorra Top

Faucet  + PTC + ShortLink

Auto Faucet + Manual Faucet Every 5 Min


PTC + Offerwall + Mining Game

Vitual Mining Game


Faucet  + PTC + Offerwall

Level Up to Higher Rewards

Coinpot in

Faucet + Offerwall + Various Task

56 Crypto Supported

Claim Trx

Faucet  + PTC + ShortLink

Auto Faucet + Manual Faucet Every 5 Min


PTC + Offerwall + PTC

Claim Every 2 Mins

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin is a digital currency with a constant total of 21 million. It has the same characteristics as the Internet, such as decentralization, globalization, and anonymity. Transferring bitcoins to the other side of the earth is as simple as sending an email at a low cost and without any restrictions. Therefore, Bitcoin is often used in cross-border trade, payment, remittance and other fields. In 2008, the mysterious figure Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, marking the birth of Bitcoin. In the following six years, Bitcoin, as a new currency with broad prospects and huge room for imagination, has experienced countless market tests and technical attacks, and has always stood firm. Since its birth in 2009, the price of Bitcoin has continued to rise. The currency price reached $1 in 2011 and $1,200 in 2013. In 2022, the currency price reached about $45,000. Bitcoin has the reputation of “digital gold”.

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What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

Bitcoin (BTC) Faucet is a btc rewards site for users to claim Bitcoin for free, which helps raise people’s awareness of holding cryptocurrency. Usually, you need to register, pass a simple verification to claim a certain amount of BTC ervery certain minutes. After successfully sharing the referral link, you will get an additional commission. A bitcoin faucet is a comedic and straightforward method to make some beer money. Additionally, if you’re the website owner, you may send traffic to a bitcoin faucet and earn additional affiliate commissions, as most of these sites run their own affiliate programs.

Also, since the faucet industry is known to be a bit shady, things can change relatively quickly. At begining, most faucet website only have one way to claim bitcoin, now users can earn free BTC through various ways, including faucet, offerwall, PTC, shotlink, social tasks, lottery and so on. So, make sure to check out the terms of each faucet you use. Here are the main things to look out for:

  • Claim Amount: How many Satoshi BTC do you get per claim?
  • Timer: How long do you need to wait between claims?
  • Ways: What ways they supported for users to earn BTC?
  • Minimum withdraw: What is the BTC minimum withdrawal requirement and how long will it cost you to reach the minimum withdrawal?
  • Withdrawal method: Are payments done directly, or through a micropayment wallet?
  • Referral Bonus: What’s the bonus you get for referring new users to the faucet? Some websites actually offer good bonuses, so be sure to consider this when choosing a faucet.

Ways to Withdraw BTC Faucet Earnings

The main withdrawal methods of BTC Faucet include Direct Payment and Micropayment. Direct Payment means that you can withdraw your faucet BTC earning directly to your crypto wallet like Binance, CoinBase. However, since bitcoin trade between different crypto wallets usually takes a high handling fee, the minimum withdrawal requirements for BTC Faucet direct payment are usually very high and will cost you a long time to withdraw.

That’s why micropayment crypto wallet spring up. Crypto micropayment systems (crypto micro wallet) have emerged as crypto currency trading gets hotter and hotter. This becomes particularly important as the cryptocurrency continues to gain tractionBy using micropayment system it is easier for a BTC faucet owner to send you microtransactions and saves you the fees by bundling up transactions as well. Here are several micro payment wallets:

  • FaucetPay: It is the most popular micropayment wallet that supports hundreds of crypto faucets, including coinpayu, cointiply, faucetcrypto, claimtrx, etc.
  • iCoinPay: It is a professional, anonymous, reliable and secure cryptocurrency micropayment platform. The supported crypto faucets include Bitpaye, btcadv, coinlean, xfaucets, etc.
  • ExpressCrypto: It is a brand new cryptocurrency micro wallet powered by ExpressGroup, designed to receive payouts from faucets, including,,, etc.

Is BTC Faucet Worth to Try

The purpose of BTC Faucet is to introduce new people to the cryptocurrency world by giving coins for completing simple tasks. You will not get rich or earn your salary using this website, this was never the purpose of a faucet and never will be! While making money through a free Bitcoin faucet might sound like a piece of cake, earning a good amount of crypto can take a bit longer, depending on the faucet you’re using. Your experience and how much time you’ve spent on the digital market will determine your ability to make the best decisions. For many users in developing countries or users who are unemployed, a bitcoin faucet website can also reward a substantial income by completing simple tasks online.