Faucetcrypto Review (2022) – Legit Way To Earn Bitcoins Or Scam?

Faucetcrypto allows users to earn money through PTC ads, short links, and surveys and allows users to withdraw money with more than 12 cryptocurrencies. Users can withdraw from Faucetcrypto to FaucetPay, a micro wallet that allows you to store coins earned from different websites. In this Faucetcrypto review, I’ll share with you more about faucet encryption and why I feel Faucetcrypto is one of the most promotional sites out there!

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What is Faucetcrypto?

Faucetcrypto is a faucet that allows you to earn your own specific faucet crypto coins, Faucetcrypto also allows you to exchange coins for any of the 20 cryptocurrencies that faucet crypto currently offers. Like most faucet sites, faucet encryption software lets you collect free bitcoin, Faucetcrypto also relies on the ad revenue you generate for them when you visit their site. In turn, FacetCrypto reimburses you with its own FacetCrypto coins. You can finally convert these faucet crypto coins to crypto-coins of your choice for withdrawal into your own personal wallet. Faucetcrypto supports mobile, desktop, and tablet, so you can collect coins from any device.

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Is Faucetcrypto Legit or Scam?

Faucetcrypto is without a doubt a legitimate faucet site. Faucetcrypto could be a site that gets things done and it rewards you with Bitcoin Satoshi, which could be a fraction of what Bitcoin is worth. The task to be done is basically clicking on ad banners and short links.

Is Faucetcrypto a PTC Site?

You can put Faucetcrypto in the “pay-to-click” category because that’s all you do to earn your meager coins. Faucetcrypto is similar to Liteconiads I reviewed recently, although your rewards are given in Bitcoin satoshi.

FaucetCrypto offers several supported cryptocurrencies to which you simply transfer your coins. In fact, Faucetcrypto has 19 cryptocurrencies to choose from, unlike some faucet sites that only offer one cryptocurrency. Once you log into Faucetcrypto’s backend, you’ll find there’s a member area that’s easy to navigate. I wouldn’t say this is the most important professional interface, but this is the basic encrypted faucet site. A lot of people withdraw cash from this site and they pay instantly without waiting.

Does Faucetcrypto give time value?

If you work on any online site, they must provide value for your time. But can Faucetcrypto make it happen? I would definitely agree. But why? During this time, most faucets like these or PTC sites offered less satoshis than faucets encrypted. The only site that can beat Faucetcrypto is more money.

So you should start working on this site now. Also, if you use other ways of making money that I haven’t used, you can easily earn 1000 satoshis a day, which is a big deal today.

Faucetcrypto Pros & Cons


1. Multiple coin exchange

2. Simple format for earning coins


1. Low pay

2. The task is boring

3. Low-quality ads

How Did You Make Money from Faucetcrypto?

You can earn cryptocurrency by completing various tasks available on the Faucet Crypto website.


The main way to make money from Faucetcrypto is of course claiming from their faucet. You’ll need to wait 25 minutes between each claim, but you can use items like time boosters (if you can find one) to shorten that wait time. When the time is up, answer the captcha and wait 10 seconds to claim the free coins. However, if the system has already verified that you are human, you can skip the captcha. Usually, this process is possible after you have made multiple claims.

Pay-to-Click and Shortlinks

You can also earn some coins by clicking and viewing ads under the PTC ads section of Faucetcrypto. After clicking the ad, wait 10 seconds. After the timer starts, click the “Continue” button and you will be redirected to the ad website. Depending on which ad is clicked, wait 16 or 40 seconds to be eligible to apply. However, Faucetcrypto’s ad window must always be in focus. Clicks on PTC ads are limited and refreshed daily. You can also choose to click on the short link to earn some coins. Similar to the faucet, after waiting 15 seconds you will be redirected to a short link to claim your coins.

Quotes and Surveys

Is this different from the GPT site? Yes, the same goes for making money by completing surveys and working online. But the revenue is much lower than a true blue GPT site. However, you need to be level 20 before you can get to this part, but it’s pretty easy to get to that level.


Besides BTC faucets, Faucetcrypto has a very nice feature called “Challenges”. This is an added bonus where you can do daily activities on the site and get small gifts. Faucetcrypto’s gifts depend on the type and level of the full campaign. There are three types, namely:

Permanent Challenges – These challenges can only be completed once and cannot be rotated.

Rotating Challenges – These challenges appear randomly and have a time limit until claimed.

Special Challenges = These challenges do not fall into the categories above or from special events.

Get Commissions for Referrals

Your referrer earns 20% from any activity he/she completes. This is FaucetCrypto’s bonus, so don’t worry about your referrals getting less. Their income is still the same as stated in the mission. You can even buy a promotional item to boost your income. But before that, you have to have a lot of testimonials so you can get the most from the promotion.

How to Withdraw from Faucetcrypto?

Faucet Password offers instant withdrawals. You can withdraw daily. The daily withdrawal limit is 2340.00 coins per day. Faucetcrypto supports multiple cryptocurrencies and you can choose your favorite cryptocurrency for withdrawal.

You need at least 500 coins to withdraw. Faucetcrypto has a transaction fee of 50 coins per withdrawal. Depending on which cryptocurrency you choose to withdraw, you will be given two options, namely you can withdraw Faucetcrypto earnings directly to your wallet or withdraw to a micro wallet like FaucetPay. But you have to make sure that you do not return or exchange wallets or untrusted wallets as you may lose your satoshis.

Faucetcrypto Conclusion

Faucetcrypto is a very nice looking site with some very unique ideas. This would be a fun and great site if they decided to remove the 15 second wait whenever you want to do a task or request from the faucet. Especially since Faucetcrypto’s window needs to stay focused. Since no one likes to watch the countdown all the time, it’s really annoying and boring to use. This is a big disadvantage of Faucetcrypto. Other than that, Faucetcrypto is a great site. Looks great and earns well. We believe that Faucetcrypto could be an excellent faucet.

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