Cointiply Review (2022) – Is It Worthwhile in 2022?

You are still considering whether to register for Cointiply, but are not sure whether it is worthwhile or legal? In this Cointiply review, I will share my personal experience with the website and some tips to help you get started. I will also detail how Cointiply works, where the best money-making opportunity is on the website, how much money you expect to make, and so on.

What is Cointiply?

Creation Date2017.9.7
Update Date2021.8.8
CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletBitcoin Wallet
Referral system25% of referrals faucet & 10% of referrals offer wall
Min WithdrawalThe minimum DIRECT (to your Bitcoin wallet) withdrawal amount is 50,000 Coins.The minimum withdrawal for DOGE, LTC & DASH is 30,000 coins.
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysFaucet,Offer Wall, Complete Surveys,PTC Ads,Play Game,Promo Code,Quests
Support CoinBitcoin, DOGE, Dash or LTC

Cointiply is a website similar to Coinpayu. People can earn bitcoin by doing many things online, such as answering questions, watching videos, completing quotations, playing games, and so on. Contiply is a bitcoin faucet. You can get free bitcoin by completing the survey. They reward all members for their time and effort. Contiply is more than just a bitcoin faucet. They also offer a variety of other features that allow you to earn bitcoin for free.

Contiply is one of the fairest and most rewarding bitcoin faucets. Cointiply provides a quick way to earn bitcoin every day – without any conditions.

People use cointiply to surf the Internet for 2-10 minutes every day. The average daily income of bitcoin users is between $2 and $15.

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Is Contiply a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion, Cointiply is a legal website that has been running since the beginning of 2018. If you look at user reviews on Netbusinessrating, you will see hundreds of proofs of income, which is enough for me to prove that the website did pay. On trustpilot, Cointiply was rated as 4 stars, and many people are recommending the platform. On the other hand, some people claim that Cointiply is a scam because they are banned and have no chance to cash it. It was said that he was banned for suspicious activities after trying to cash the balance. He said he logged into his account from a hotel’s WiFi (possibly using VPN). So, obviously, it’s not his fault! However, Cointiply did not immediately detect the problem, but let the user complete the task and wait for the user to cash in.

How Does Cointiply Work?

After you create an account, you can start completing tasks and using the free bitcoin faucet every hour. However, when you join for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by how many money-making options you have. So don’t worry: it’s time to categorize the different ways you can make money through Cointiply and the income you should expect.

Cointiply Pros and Cons


  • Online free money making website
  • Easy to use interface
  • Proof of payment available


  • Lack of license or certification.
  • Their parent company information is not available.
  • Company address not found

How to Make Money From Cointiply?

1. Turn the Faucet

When you log in, the first thing you will notice is the main Cointiply faucet, which provides you with free coins every hour. Just click “scroll and win” and a random number from 1 to 99999 will appear on the screen.

2. Exchange New Promotion Code

Enter a promo code on Cointiply to redeem free coins. It’s very easy but you gotta be fast! I mean super fast!

3. Complete Daily Survey

Cointiply cooperates with 20 offer walls, which is a third-party platform full of opportunities to earn coins. Popular offer walls include Polish, Adscend media, Faucet Research, Adgate Media, Thermal Reach, Minute Staff and Revenue Wall.

4. Play Games

You can play all kinds of games. Every time your activity bar is full, you can win 30 coins. Before playing the game, you must make sure you don’t activate the adblocker. The reason is that advertisements will appear during the game to pay for your time.

5. Watch the Video

In this part, all you have to do is watch the advertisement for a few seconds and earn about 6-13 coins. With less than 13 coins, you can stop clicking on these ads.

6. View Paid Click Ads (PTC Ads)

You can click Cointiply ads to earn coins. Viewing PTC ads is a very easy way to earn Coins, though it doesn’t pay much.

7. Install Mobile Applications

You can also install a free mobile app and sign up for offers to earn Coins. Higher paying offers may take a longer time to complete.

8. Join Contiply Chat Rain Pool

Earn Coins through the Rain Pool is completely passive. However, before you can join the Rain Pool, you must complete at least 1 offer, survey or PTC ad on that day to qualify.

9. Add Your Coins

Every time you select a winning target, your Coin balance will increase. But, if you choose a losing one, it’s game over, you’ll lose your bet. It’s like gambling, winning depending on your luck.

10. Earn Interest on Coins

If you reach 35,000 coins, you can choose to leave your coins on Cointiply and earn 5% fixed interest in returns. It’s a great way to make some good passive income!

11. Receive Loyalty Bonus

Log into your Cointiply account and roll the faucet every day, your loyalty bonus will increase 1% for each day, all the way up to 100% (your last 100 days).

12. Coin Points and Item Boxes

Another great way to boost your earnings is to own some special collectible items. When you earn Coins on Cointiply, you’ll also automatically earn CointiPoints. You get 10% of your coins as additional CointiPoint.

13. Recommended Users

By completing the quotation, you will receive a 25% recommendation fee and a 10% recommendation fee. You can recommend an unlimited number of users by sharing your recommendation links on social media, forums, etc.

How Much is Cointiply’s Coin Worth?

OK, we’ve introduced all the ways you can earn coins… The question is, how much is a coin worth? A coin is worth $0.0001. In other words, 10000 coins equal one dollar.

How Much Money Can You Make with Cointiply?

Well, it’s time to add some math to this article! Most tasks on cointiply, such as using free bitcoin faucets, watching advertisements or clicking on PTC links, can earn less than 50 coins… So $0.005.

It’s not worth your time, so I don’t even want to spend time on these activities.

If you look at the survey wall or quotation wall, you will see many survey companies advertising that they pay 1000 to 25000 coins for each survey you complete.

How Do You Withdraw From Cointiply?

If you want to cash out with cointiply, you can withdraw with bitcoin or Doge currency. You need to enter bitcoin or Dogecoin Wallet code into your account so that cointiply can provide the address of sending coins. This is the standard tool for extracting cryptocurrency, so don’t worry. If you need to create a bitcoin wallet, I suggest you go to coinbase, because you can make one for free.


Contiply is currently the highest paid faucet on the market. The income there is very high. They have proved that they are a legal enterprise. If you like, you can spend a lot of time on cointiply and get a return. The only problem with cointiply is the strange cointiply bonus and the anonymity of the owner. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with most faucets. At first, cointiply seemed a little overwhelming because there were all kinds of possibilities. If you are not interested in spending a lot of time, you can use their faucet at will or PTC advertising. They give you the most time. Even if you only need to turn on their faucet once a day to get a loyalty bonus and watch their PTC ads, you don’t need that long to earn enough coins to withdraw money.

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