What is BTC Advertising Network

Bitcoin ad networks are a niche online advertising service that brings together website publishers and advertisers who want to promote bitcoin- or cryptocurrency-related websites. As with other online advertising networks, publishers provide ad space on their websites, and advertisers pay to use that space.

These services often, but not always, pay publishers in the form of bitcoin. Many networks will also require no ID or bank information from publishers or advertisers.

Below, we’ll cover the hows and whys of using bitcoin ad networks to make money from advertising or to promote your crypto-related service.

How Does a Bitcoin Ad Network work?

Bitcoin ad networks are an excellent way to advertise your products or services if they relate to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

When working with bitcoin ad networks, you will have fewer targeting options and less choice when it comes to ad format.

However, you will also be able to keep your information more private, and be more likely to have your ads served to an audience that’s younger and almost undoubtedly interested in cryptocurrency.

A-ADS – Oldest and Most Convenient Bitcoin Ad Network

A-Ads is one of the oldest and most convenient advertising platforms that has been on the market since 2011. The platform offers anonymity of the account: it requires no personal data submission. This function has given quite a high popularity among the crypto audience. A-Ads offers easily embedded ads without JavaScript, cookies or flash, as well as detailed analytics.

Cointraffic – Trusted and Highly Targeted Bitcoin Ad Network

CoinTraffic is a trusted company and drives a highly targeted cryptocurrency audience through multiple ads formats including banners, pop-under and native ads. The platform provides GEO targeting as well as device targeting – desktop and mobile. CoinTraffic supports only well-known publishers, avoids scam projects and maintains a good reputation, they are selectively among the advertising partners that they have.

CoinZilla – CPM and CPC Offered Bitcoin Ad Network

Coinzilla is a fairly well-known crypto advertising network, which was launched in 2016. It offers both CPM and CPC advertising in the form of standard banners, floating banners and pop-ups. Coinzilla’s publisher requirements are strictly enforced, which means that Coinzilla only accepts sites with a good level of interaction, trust, optimal site speed and high website rankings. The network currently promotes over 200 brands with 500 publishers in their ranks.

Bitmedia – High-Quality Bitcoin Ad Network

Bitmedia is a crypto advertising network founded in 2014 with over 4,000 of crypto related sites. This platform approves all publishers manually in order to maintain the quality of their network, and provide high ROI for advertisers. Platform provides several targeting options, including geo, device and time. The advertising options are limited to banner ads and texts (you can add dynamic images and pictures). Bitmedia offers both CPC and CPM campaigns, with payments initially being made for each click (CPC) or 1000 impressions (CPM). The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC.

Token Ad – Real-Time Bidding Bitcoin Ad Network

Token Ad supports various ad formats such as banner ads, standard, and native ads designed to promote your product. The platform is easy to use and only allows crypto content to be displayed on the website. This crypto ad network deals directly with publishers and advertisers from all over the world but tends to boost certain GEO from time to time. The minimum deposit to join the platform is $10,000 and it accepts payment in crypto and fiat currencies.

Ad Dragon – First DeFi Р2Р Bitcoin Ad Network

Ad Dragon is the world’s first DeFi Р2Р advertising platform. It has the advantage of being something completely new and not an imitation of Google’s model. Sellers (Publishers) create an online store on the Ad Dragon marketplace and sell their advertising services. Things like sponsored posts, press releases, banner ads and more. The entire platform is built on ethereum and uses decentralized wallets like metamask. Smart contracts are used to power the payments infrastructure. If you’re looking for something unique and effective, Ad Dragon is definitely worth your time.

CryptoAdsManager – Integrated Targeting Bitcoin Ad Network

CryptoAdsManager is a wonderful ad network that provides advertisers and publishers with a new way to promote their blockchain, crypto and GameFi app projects. The network has a custom set of data that focuses on the crucial GameFi and the crypto audience. It has the power to bypass Google and Facebook bans to reach a wide audience and attract high-quality traffic. 

CryptoAdsManager has established itself as the premier crypto ad network because of its integrated targeting mechanisms and remarketing capabilities that help clients reach the right users. The platform is easy to use and doesn’t require a deposit to join. The accepted payment methods are bank deposit, PayPal, or cheque. 

CoinAd – 100,000+ Daily Impressions Bitcoin Ad Network

CoinAd differs from most crypto ad networks in that new publishers are accepted by invitation only. Moreover, they are subject to stringent requirements, such as having an Alexa rating of less than 100,000 and at least 100,000 daily page impressions. If your project has a reliable website with high traffic, you can have a better effect compared to most other crypto ad networks.

Adshares – Low-Cost and Censorship-Free Bitcoin Ad Network

Adshares is another incredible ad network for your GameFi app. The network supports blockchain advertising and has been designed to attract high-quality traffic to the ad assets published on the platform. In special circumstances, the network allows direct deals between publishers and advertisers without the involvement of a third party. 

Adshares offers unique offers such as low-cost and censorship-free advertising. It also has the capacity to process more than 1 million transfers per second, thanks to the ADS blockchain. The network can effectively target international users, helping advertisers improve their ad reach. 

Bitraffic – The Largest and Leading Bitcoin Ad Network

Bitraffic was launched in November 2017, is the premier and foremost Crypto Ad network functioning about 2700 websites. It is really practical in the issue of advertising investing, getting, ICO Tokens, DApps, Casino games, Investing Platforms, Mining Functions, Crypto Faucets, and many more.

Understanding the Attributes of Crypto Audiences

While crypto is seeing massive growth in its users, the demographics that make up this audience still have their distinct attributes. Make sure you have a successful marketing campaign by understanding these crypto audience attributes before you launch.


A study performed by Finder.com found that younger generations are blazing the trail with crypto investments. Of all crypto investors, 44.3% are millennials, 28.6% are Gen X, 17.8% are Gen Z, and 8.2% were Baby Boomers. Given the newness of this product and the digital skill discrepancies between these age ranges, these numbers are not very surprising. 


Millennials are considered to be one of the most tech-savvy of the current generations in the workplace. It’s not difficult to see that with the bulk majority of millennials involved with crypto, their tech-savviness is an attribute within this audience. Much of this audience depends on technology, and many of them fall into the category of early adopters or innovators with new and upcoming technologies.

Demand Value

Crypto users may buy specific coins for a variety of reasons. From the excitement of the trade to the desire to be involved in the technology. However, many of these crypto users may have been burned in one of the many crypto crashes over the past decade. Massive losses may have made them a bit leerier about their purchases. As a result, when they make purchases, they prize value-added buys and seek out opportunities that have already been successful, undergone more scrutiny, and are less volatile than some of their counterparts.  

Embrace The Blockchain

In cryptocurrency, decentralization is one of the primary functions that all users fully support. The decentralized crypto market uses blockchain technology to allow sellers and buyers to deal directly instead of meeting in a traditional buying exchange. The typical crypto user embraces this technology that takes the decision-making away from centralized locations (i.e., banks or a specific entity) and disperses it across a network of many people simultaneously.

Future of Cryptocurrency Advertising

The most successful cryptocurrency advertising is reliant upon trusted platforms, forums, or direct communication with the program. Marketers must know their target audience and think outside the box with how to engage the target. 

To be successful, advertisers need to create messaging that takes into account a combination of factors, from the specific crypto attributes of the target audience to the unique market segments that they want to infiltrate. 

Although there are restrictions on certain crypto advertisements and the audience demands high value – there are effective strategies that work within this market. Check out Colormatics’ guide to advertising crypto.

Why Use Bitcoin Ad Networks?

If you’ve worked with traditional online ad networks like Google Ads, you already have a decent sense of what bitcoin ads look like. You’ll have fewer — or no — targeting options, but you will have a more guaranteed audience and a limited range of the kinds of websites your ads will appear on. Your audience is almost guaranteed to be interested in topics like cryptocurrency and technology.

In general, you will have fewer advertising options. You should expect most bitcoin ad networks to limit you to variations on the banner ad. Some ad networks, like Cointraffic, will allow advertisers to serve press releases and native advertisements to certain websites.

So why use bitcoin ad networks? With advertising services related to bitcoin or cryptocurrency, you have somewhat of a captive audience. Major ad networks like Google Ads don’t allow advertising for cryptocurrency- or bitcoin-related services. And not all social media platforms will allow advertising that relates to crypto.

Bitcoin ad networks are guaranteed to both allow bitcoin- and crypto-related ads, and have the benefit of serving those ads to the audience that will find them the most compelling.

Cryptocurrency ad networks have other advantages over traditional networks. You may also want to use a crypto ad network because they are less likely to ask for your personal information when you sign up to work with them. Networks will rarely, if ever, require a copy of your ID or bank number. You’ll be able to keep your information more private than you would with a traditional ad network.

With bitcoin ad networks, you’ll also be more likely to reach a younger audience. Millennials and members of generation Z are the most likely to invest in bitcoin and, as a result, are some of the most frequent browsers of bitcoin-related sites. When combined with other methods used to target millennials, bitcoin ad networks can be effective in connecting you to a younger audience.

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