Grabtc Review (2022) – Scam or Paying PTC Site?

Are you looking for a way to make money without investment? Grabtc PTC site is the right platform for you. You can easily earn bitcoin at Grabtc PTC site, and you can also make money in bitcoin. According to some experts and traders, bitcoin still has a lot of room for growth, and some even say it will reach $60000 in a few years. It’s not sure if this will really happen, but what if it does? For example, if you now have a BTC and hold it for 2 years, and the same amount is equivalent to almost six times (six times), now imagine if you have more!

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What is Grabtc PTC Site?

Grabtc is a new PTC website, which has set a new standard for earning bitcoin for free. It has a very good, intuitive design and is easy to use. Because Grabtc PTC site has no overloaded advertising, you have all kinds of opportunities to earn bitcoin. Grabtc PTC site was launched in March 2020, which is the only real disadvantage. We don’t know who its boss is. But we are optimistic that this is not a hoax. Creating Grabtc PTC site takes a lot of effort because it is not ready-made. Administrators must have invested a lot of time on Grabtc PTC site, and they have been paying so far. That’s why, although Grabtc is new, we decided to put it on the list. It’s great. No one should miss this great website.

How Does Grabtc PTC Site Work?

First, Grabtc PTC site is a faucet. In other words, you can make money with their faucets. You can apply every 60 minutes and roll the dice. The higher you roll, the more debris you get. You know you made some money on Grabtc. One bit is equivalent to one Sato. If you can do 99999, you can even get 300000 bits.

You can also watch their PTC ads. You have to click on their ad, wait a few seconds, and solve the verification code. Sadly, you have to focus on the bill, which means you can’t do anything else at the same time. But it’s not that bad, because you only need to stay on the website for a few seconds. It doesn’t matter, but the income is not that high. You can get 1 to 2 bits per second.

If you want to earn more bitcoin, you can make their short links. There are many different short links. Each short link can get 4 to 10 bits.

The next way to earn bitcoin at Grabtc PTC site. Their job is TC. They have many different jobs with high salaries. For example, if you make a video about Grabtc, you can get 300 bits.

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Is Grabtc PTC Site a Scam?

According to Whori , we can draw a conclusion. Grabtc PTC site is not a hoax. The Alexa rating of this platform is 8047. Creation date of Grabtc PTC site. TC is March 21, 2020. It provides faucets, PTC advertisements, offer walls, competitions, bitcoin surveys, free BTC, and so on!

How to Earn from Grabtc PTC Site?

On the Grabtc page, you can see the revenue options panel on the left, which has 10 tasks for you to make money. I’ll introduce you to each task you want to perform

1. Faucet: 

Click here every 60 minutes to enter the captcha code and apply for free bitcoin. Whether you get high or low returns depend on your luck. The more times you tap water per hour, the faster you increase the lever (from lever 1 to lever 13), which means the more money you make. Please be diligent.

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2. Visit Shortlinks: 

About 45 to 52 short links a day can increase your income. The value of the short link for each Grabtc PTC site is between 5 and 15. If you work hard, you will get a lot of free bitcoin from these short links. The more short links, the more money you play, the higher the bonus will be, and the money will be quickly withdrawn into your wallet.

3. PTC Ads:

If you want to click and watch all the advertisements of Grabtc PTC site in 5 to 10 seconds, you can choose to verify the image and win bitcoin.

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4. Job: 

Introduce the work of Grabtc PTC site to the community. Your task is to share Grabtc on forums, social networks Facebook, youtube and pinteres. Then copy the link of your article to the page you share as evidence and send it to Grabtc for reward. Reward value} is available in every job.

5. Accumulated Referral Rewards: 

If you recommend many members to Grabtc PTC site, this is a reward for you. The maximum bonus is 0.689 BTC, equivalent to $7500.

6. Payment Proof Task: 

If you issue the payment certificate of Grabtc to you, you will receive 100 bonuses. Once you receive your payment from Grabtc, take a screenshot as evidence and send it to biamoneyforum, you will receive your reward.

7. Achievements: 

If you work hard, this is a reward for your achievements. When you have completed the correct tasks required to pay the reward, please go to the achievements section to receive the reward.

8. CPU Mining: 

You can mine bitcoin on the computer without a graphics card. The mining income depends on your CPU configuration. Before going to bed, let your bitcoin mining computer help you.

9.  Investment Game: 

This is a game that predicts the rise or fall of bitcoin prices every 5 minutes. If you predict that the market price of bitcoin will rise in five minutes, you will receive a reward equal to the number of bitcoins you place multiplied by 1.3. If you guess wrong, you will lose all your bets on bitcoin. For example: if you bet 50 satoshis, the price of bitcoin will rise in five minutes. If you guess right, you will get satoshis of 50×1,3 = 65. If you guess wrong, you will lose 50 satoshis. If the price remains the same, you will not lose anything.

10. Redeem Coupon: 

This is a very good free bitcoin website. If you work hard every day and complete all tasks, you will soon be promoted from level 1 to level 13, and your life will have a good income. Live your life.

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Grabtc PTC Site Referral Program

If you try to introduce someone to grabtc, you’ll get a 12% commission on all faucet claims. You can also get 3% from the quotation and 1% from the short link. Grabtc also offers different memberships. The better your membership, the more you can earn, but it’s not worth it without a lot of recommendations. Because if you become a member, you will get more from your recommendations. If you don’t have any recommendations, you will lose money. If you just want to apply for their faucets, you shouldn’t invest money in membership. Even if you are a free member, you can still withdraw money.

How to Withdraw from Grabtc PTC site?

As mentioned above, the minimum payment on the faucet is 5000 Satoshi, which may rise if you buy an advanced plan, while the minimum payment on the direct wallet is 20000 sat. Click the “withdraw” button in the left box to obtain it. It is impossible to quit until the beautiful design of the 20 roll aluminum faucet is completed.


Grabtc has set new standards for PTC site. Grabtc PTC site makes almost everything perfect. If they can keep it running and continue to adjust some things, grabtc PTC site will be a perfect example. You can really feel the dedication of the administrator. Everything is very intuitive and easy to access. Grabtc PTC site is not as full of advertisements as other websites. If they persist for one year, this will be our first five-star faucet. Because it’s good. You really should try and enjoy the experience yourself. Using grabtc PTC site is fun and you’ll get paid.

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