Mining Bitcoin with The Help of Volcanic Energy

What if we could mine Bitcoin without harming the environment and poisoning mother Earth with a dangerous carbon footprint?

El Salvador is not only the first country to use Bitcoin as its national currency. It’s also the location where the first Bitcoin city is planned to be developed. Besides that, El Salvador also accommodates dozens of active volcanoes.

The geothermal energy these wonders of nature are producing is now being used to mine Bitcoin. The municipality of Berlin, for example, is the home of a geothermal power plant that produces electricity for the whole country. Its turbines can generate 107 megawatts of energy, and a part of that operation is now tasked with mining Bitcoin.

Hundreds of miners have already been installed and use free and clean energy from nature to mine crypto. El Salvador is a nation where geothermal energy (such as that produced by volcanoes) occupies over 20% of its annual energy production. A surplus of that energy is now being used to mine digital gold.

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