Kiddyearner Review (2022) – Highest Paying PTC Sites Without Investment

It’s easy to make money from kiddyearner PTC. You just need to do some micro work, such as clicking on advertisements, watching videos, blog comments and writing articles. In most cases, there are daily or weekly payments. You need to meet a specific payment threshold. The kiddyearner PTC website allows you to get cryptos by completing tasks.

What is the Kiddyearner PTC Website?

Kiddyearner PTC website is the most powerful cryptocurrency advertising network. It helps advertisers promote their cryptocurrency projects by displaying various advertisements directly on our publisher’s website. The service has been in operation since 2017 and has been trusted by more than 500 cryptocurrency related websites throughout its work.

How to Make Money on Kiddyearner PTC Website?

Faucet – you can fill in the verification code on the kiddyearner PTC website every 60 minutes and claim from the faucet. Depending on the amount of the first prize and your number of rolls, the payment range ranges from 20 coins to 100000 +.

Surveys / Offerwalls

Surveys / Offerwalls – download / install apps or complete research surveys to earn coins.

Video – watch a video, usually in about 30 seconds, and win about 10 + coins a day

Play Games

Play Games – you can earn coins by playing various games according to the activities of kiddyearner PTC website. The game includes more than 50 choices, such as blackjack, crossword puzzle, chess, Sudoku and so on. Every time your activity balance is full, you can earn 35 coins, usually a few minutes. If you like mobile games, you may find something you like.


Lottery – a chance / gambling game that allows you to increase your bets. There should be a disclaimer, and I fully believe in its legitimacy. Like all gambling, it is easy to lose balance! (besides, it’s a little interesting)

Advertising Model

You can find the right users by using the most appropriate payment mode of kiddyearner PTC website to achieve your activity goals. You can pay for clicks, impressions or actions.

For the Publisher of Kiddyearner PTC Website

Only when there is a good organic traffic website in the encrypted related content, this advertising network is good. They provide CPM, CPC and CPA, so they can at least try this advertising network. Join the kiddyearner PTC website to share views and comments in the comments section and send us proof of payment.


Kiddyearner PTC is one of the best sites to get crypto for free. You can get the corresponding coin reward after completing the task on the kiddyearner PTC website. You can also find payment vouchers on the kiddyearner PTC website. Publishers who have worked or are still working with the network can share their experience below. I hope this kiddyearner PTC site review can help webmasters and advertisers.

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