FireFaucet Win Review (2022) – Auto Faucet Earn Free Crypto

Firefaucet is an automatic faucet where you can apply for up to 9 different cryptocurrencies. Earn more experience by being active and upgrading. Firefaucet has no verification code and no annoying advertising!

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What Is FireFaucet?
CategoryPaid To Click
Payment WalletDirect Payments/FaucetPay
Referral system20%
Min Withdrawal2-10 USD
Withdrawal Fee0
Earning WaysOfferwalls, videos, surveys, shortlinks, PTC and faucet claim
Support CoinBTC, BNB, Tether, ETH, DOGE, LTC, DASH, TRON, Nano, Monero, ZCash, DigiByte
Firefaucet Overview

Firefaucet is one of the many automatic faucets you can find. It enables us to earn Bitcoin by performing multiple tasks. You will get points, which can be exchanged into any coin you like. You can choose from 12 coins in firefaucet, including BTC, ETH, usdt, BNB, Doge and other coins. I’ve been trying for a month. What I like about this faucet is that I can successfully draw it out every three days. I chose to withdraw with usdt because the minimum withdrawal limit is $2.50. Therefore, I can withdraw the firefaucet balance into my encrypted wallet and convert it into any coin. If you spend more time, you will get more.

Firefaucet does not require extensive maintenance of the user part. Don’t get me wrong. If you want to access offer wall, surveys, short links and tasks, there are a lot of things to do on the website. These will reward you with more ACP and keep your miners / dripping water. With this firefaucet, you can spend a few days installing and collecting ACP inventory, and then you can let it mine a little, because it will run out of ACP.

Firefaucet currently offers bitcoin, tether, Ethereum, dogecoin, litecoin, dash, Tron, zcash and digibyte. I’ve seen some Bitcoin faucets that can only focus on one or two encrypted coins at a time. The firefaucet head allows you to mine as many coins as you want, as long as you have ACP to cover it. Firefaucetd’s payment timer is your “drip”. It pays every minute until your ACP runs out. Your spending is affected by several different factors. Increase your spending level (whether or not you increase your spending level), and whether or not you increase your spending level. Spending boost allows you to set your spending from 1 to 4 times. Slower payments will cause you to run out of ACP at a slower rate, but it will also reduce the number of coins you dig per minute. The highest, 4x, will allow you to turn on the tap and get 4x reward, but with 4x ACP cost. Therefore, the main reason is that you establish ACP as much as possible.

How to Earn from Firefaucet?

Coin Claim: 30 minutes or 48 times a day – the fire faucet allows you to claim their active points coins throughout the day, which you can exchange for the cryptocurrency of your choice. To do this, you can choose the “claim faucet” option in the menu, fill in the verification code challenge, and then click “continue” to claim your coin. This is the simplest and most passive way to claim coins on the fire faucet website. As mentioned above, as the level increases, you can get more coins.

Short Link: short link is the most prominent claim method on firefaucet website. You will usually see more than 50 short links that can be applied for, and more than 3K automatic application points can be used to complete all these short links. Some of these links are much easier than others, but as long as you apply for at least 35 links a day, you can maximize the “task” advantage of completing so many short links. When you complete 35 short links, you will get all ACPs from your claim, as well as 475 ACPs and 50 BTC satoshis. Completing short links is a good way to quickly improve the level of fire faucets. In addition, be sure to enter the “task” page to collect bonus, otherwise these additional bonuses will expire.

PTC Advertising: the level of PTC advertising on fire hydrants will vary in a day, but on average, it usually takes 5-20 times to complete. When you watch these ads, you will see discounts related to other encryption related websites, which may be interesting to you. Your link will be available for a short time (when your advertisement is completed, or when your advertisement is similar to your PTC, it must be available for 40 seconds). Once you have selected the advertisement you want, you need to wait for the specified PTC advertisement time, click the green check box at the top of the page, and then your ACP will be collected into your account.

Offerwalls: offerwalls on the fire hydrant is one of the easiest ways to quickly get automatic claim points. As shown in the figure below, the offerwall host allows you to complete various tasks, investigate and register to obtain ACP. Some of these bids can pay up to 40000 ACP.

Task: in firefaucet, you can improve your ranking and get automatic claim points by completing tasks on their website. You will have the opportunity to complete three categories of achievements on the fire faucet. These categories include short links, claims from ACP faucets and completed quotes. When you finish the task, be sure to navigate to the “task” page, apply for your ACP points to improve your level, and may get some free bitcoin satoshis.

Firefaucet is an automatic faucet where you can apply for up to 9 different cryptocurrencies. Earn more experience by being active and upgrading. Firefaucet has no verification code and no annoying advertising!

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Firefaucet Support Coins

When using an automatic faucet, making money is simple. As the name says, it is automatic. Not 100% automatic. In order for you to make money, you must get an “automatic claim point” or “ACP”. This can be achieved by making short links, mining, taps, quotations or tasks.

I think you’re curious about the coins you can make on firefaucet. As I said in my introduction, you can earn from nine different coins, and you can claim nine of them at the same time. You need ACP to run the automatic faucet and keep the window open to earn coins. Supported currencies are BTC, ETH, Doge, LTC, Zec, XmR, DGB, dash and TRX.

What is Firefaucet ACP?

When users get ACP, they will get activity points. With these points, you will rise in the ranking, get the firefaucet bonus, and you will get some bitcoin. You will also rank in the daily leaderboard and win more.

Collect Firefaucet Automatic Claim Points

Now that your firefaucet account has been registered, it’s time to start collecting ACP for free from various claim methods on their website. First, the main faucet application part will give you random activity points every 30 minutes. It is recommended that you enter your account settings and increase the payment multiplier to 4x, so that you can get more income from the claim. As mentioned above, in order to increase spending benefits, it is important to raise your level to get a better multiplier. Firefaucet can also display the exchange rate from its automatic claim point to cryptocurrency on its home page.

Withdrawal and Exchange of Firefaucet

Once you have reached the number of coins you want to exchange for firefaucet cryptocurrency, you can navigate to the exchange page of firefaucet. Check the threshold of each of your bitcoin and zoitech before redeeming. All firefaucet coins have different withdrawal thresholds. If you withdraw money directly to your personal wallet or faucet for payment, the withdrawal threshold will also change. During withdrawal, a very small transaction fee may be incurred when processing withdrawal.

Firefaucet’s Referral Program

They have a coin plan to recommend you, and the faucet will pay you 20%. You can use their nice banners to promote your links.

Extra Firefaucet Balance

Another good feature is that firefaucet allows you to convert your coins into coins you want to earn. Take BTC as an example. If your recommender gets Dash, you will get 20% of their income. You can exchange coins for BTC for free!

Apply for daily rewards to earn some ACP and activity points. The waiting time between claims is approximately 12 hours.

Firefaucet Level Increased

You will ask, how does upgrading enable me to promote bitcoin. Well, you’ll get activity points for every function you use on the fire faucet. To reach the follow-up level, you need to accumulate the selected number of active points to promote the follow-up level.

When you upgrade, you will get more. After reaching the subsequent level, you will collect bitcoin gifts. In addition to bitcoin rewards, you can also get a larger proportion of encryption rewards by using their automatic faucet.

FireFaucet Pros

  • I can let my computer run this tap and collect passwords, while I can do other things, such as writing follow-up blog posts.
  • The second positive factor is how often they improve the website and convey this information to users in the “news” section.
  • The third positive factor is that they process withdrawals quickly and have low transaction costs. If they charge.

FireFaucet Cons

  • The biggest obstacle to using this website is that they display ads on specific pages like faucets. Every half an hour, you can apply for free automatic points, but advertising will make it easier for users to skip this function. They need to scroll down quickly so they can’t see the advertisement.
  • The second disadvantage I found is that I can use the short link list to get free automatic points. Most websites will pop up a lot of pop-up windows for me, which makes it impossible for me to complete the task smoothly. Most of the time, I can easily click on a specific link to skip a specific task. That’s why I can skip that task.
  • This is an Internet site where you can vote on the statement.In theory, you will be banned from logging on to the site for an unlimited number of times, but you may be able to do this task from the robot. You must write down all your answers to the statement. If you don’t, you may not be able to answer the test correctly and get credit.


Fire faucet is a legal automatic faucet. It supports 9 different coins and allows you to claim up to 9 coins at the same time. You can easily convert unwanted coins into coins you need. You can immediately convert money into faucet payment or wallet.

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