Opolo Wallet Review 2022 – Is This Hardware Wallet Safe & Legit?

It is well known that cold wallets are more secure than exchanges and hot wallets for storing cryptocurrency. For beginners, this cold wallet can be intimidating. OPOLO Wallet has made an effort to create a wallet that is significantly more practical than the competition and also asserts to be the most secure one available. Let’s look at the OPOLO Cosmos hardware wallet in this review.

What Is Opolo Hardware Crypto Wallet

The Opolo Wallet Cosmos is a hardware multi-cryptocurrency wallet that comes with a single wallet application that can be installed on Windows, Linux, and Mac to access all integrated coins and tokens from a single, user-friendly app. More than 1500 cryptocurrencies are supported by OPOLO wallet.

For hardware wallets, EAL Certifications are the standard in security certifications. EAL1 to 5 is where the majority of the top wallets fall. OPOLO uses a secure chip with an EAL 6+ rating to store your crypto assets offline.

Your passwords and passphrases are always protected and secured by the keyboard’s randomization of the keys’ order. Additionally, it aids in securing the apparatus from changes to the touch panel chip, which receives data from the touch screen, in order to protect it. You don’t typically see an additional layer of security like this on wallets.

How To Setup Opolo Hardware Crypto Wallet

The first thing you’ll do after receiving your OPOLO Cosmos is to open the box. In the box, you can anticipate finding the following items:

  1. hardware wallet in and of itself.
  2. a USB cable for connecting to a desktop.
  3. 2× USB connectors for Mobile
  4. 1 To backup the seed and mnemonics, use an OPOLO Card.
  5. 1 Paper backup card.

Once you have finished unboxing, proceed with the instructions below to set it up for the first time:

  1. Connect your wallet to a computer using the included USB cable.
  2. A screen asking you to create a password will be displayed to you. Press the “Yes” button.
  3. You will be directed to the page where you can set your password once you click “Yes.” Do not exceed the password’s 120 character length. Once you move forward, your password will need to be verified.
  4. After you confirm, the wallet will direct you to the authentication screen where you must enter the password you just created to authenticate the device and log in. You will then be asked to download the OPOLO application.

How To Create A Wallet

You must have finished the previous step to set up the password before creating a wallet. Go back and complete that now if you haven’t already. You are now being shown a screen on your hardware device to download the OPOLO app, if you haven’t already done so.

The most recent version of OPOLO Desk for your operating system can be downloaded at OPOLO.io/download.

You must pair the device and the app after installation. It’s easy enough to complete. You want to click the “Pair USB” button while the OPOLO app is open and the wallet is still plugged in and authenticated.

You’ll see which USBs are connected in a smaller window that opens. In order to pair the device, choose the USB drive labeled “OPOLOC” or “InterBiometric” and click “Connect.” This step is essential because without pairing, you cannot use the device for any functions.

In order to authenticate, you must enter your password on the device once more. If the pairing is successful, a small green box will appear in the desktop app to let you know. The app will now allow you to perform every action. The wallet’s firmware may need to be updated, according to a popup that may appear. If you do receive this, take care of it right away.

Secure Passphrase / Password

The secure passphrase is one of the software features that makes the OPOLO more difficult to crack. Since this passphrase is never saved on the device, even if a hacker were to gain access to it, they would never be able to find it because it isn’t there. Your coins would still be safe and secure even if they had managed to get your password without the passphrase.

The password itself, which can be 120 characters long, increases security. Longer passwords also tend to be more secure, as you might have already guessed. When compared to shorter passwords, longer passwords are much more difficult to decipher.

The number of times you can enter the password correctly is also limited to seven. If the password or passphrase is entered incorrectly, the device locks and wipes itself. Your wallet can only now be transferred to a new device.

The OPOLO Hardware wallet achieves yet another first in relation to that mnemonic phrase as it is the only hardware wallet that includes backup sharding of the mnemonic phrase using the supplied magnetic cards. All that is necessary is to lay the OPOLO wallet on top of the magnetic card in order to save the mnemonics there.

Opolo Review: Pricing

The Opolo wallet can be purchased in the best way by purchasing Opolo Wallet bundles, which include everything you require for a hardware wallet. These bundles, for instance, include paper cards, USB cables, backup cards, card blockers, and other items.

The Security Of Opolo Hardware Crypto Wallet

As I mentioned already, it uses the latest, most secure chip available with CC EAL 6+ certification level by There isn’t a better chip available right now than this one, according to NXP. This indicates that the device is secure from cyberattacks and secure even in the event of a loss of the device.
OPOLO wallet is currently the only product on the market with EAL6+ certification for both its software and hardware. While Trezor doesn’t actually have this kind of Secure Element, Ledger Nano X has EAL5+ in comparison. It’s also important to note that the development team spent 1.5 years getting the device certified, tested, and externally audited by “Digital Security Paris” (in France). This is the first product to go through such an audit before going on sale.

Additionally, it provides a password manager to keep track of passwords and 2FA codes (for logins to any website, not just Opolo’s).
You have a password protection to unlock the device and a separate login for the application that navigates it (on computer or mobile)
With regards to protection of your mnemonic phrase (seed phrase or also known as recovery phrase) this is the only device that offers backup sharding via the magnetic cards included.
There are two backup configurations: three or five cards. The cards are located on the back of the device, and all that is required is a swipe. To restore it, you only need 3 of the 5 cards (or 2 of the 3 cards). One of the cards can still be successfully restored even if it is lost. Additionally, you should write down your recovery phrase’s 24 words on the provided paper card and store it in a REALLY SAFE location. You can sleep peacefully if you take all these precautions. You can use these 24 words to recover your money and import the data into a new device (it can even be a different brand, if you’d like), should anything happen to the device (loss or damage of any kind).


The EAL6+ certifications make the OPOLO not only the most secure hardware wallet currently available, but also the most user-friendly. If you’ve ever had to download and manage multiple wallets on another hardware device, the integration of so many coins and the straightforward interface are a delight.

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