FaucetPay Review (2022) – How to Make Money with PTC Site?

FaucetPay is a micro wallet used to manage your small income on different income platforms and provide you with betting options. There are thousands of websites that pay through micro wallet such as faucet payment, so you need to join micro wallet first. In addition, FaucetPay is also a PTC site, which can help you earn a small amount of cryptocurrency.

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What is FaucetPay PTC Site?

FaucetPay BTC PTC site is a combined platform as a micro wallet and encrypted money making machine. Although the encryption income obtained through facetpay is very low, it is more profitable to do something in your spare time than to earn nothing. At present, FaucetPay only manages the accumulation and storage of 13 main passwords.

On your FaucetPay PTC site dashboard, you can easily view and track your income on different coins and the total balance of your wallet. Faucet payment also provides you with regular bonus points, which you can cash in real gold and silver or power on. Bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, dash, digibyte, Tron, TRC 20 usdt, feyorra, zcash, BNB and Solana are supported by FaucetPay. You can easily store, exchange and trade these coins with the help of FaucetPay.

How Does FaucetPay PTC Site Work?

FaucetPay is a micro wallet provider. You can get micro payment from faucets and other websites at no additional cost. FaucetPay PTC site is a micro wallet for seven different cryptocurrencies. You can earn and store bitcoin, Ethereum, Wright coin, dogecoin, bitcoin cash, dash and digibyte. You may still know the faucet, so the FaucetPay PTC site is not really different. Tap payment lets you earn bitcoin by watching PTC ads, offerwalls, tap lists, doubling BTC and affiliates. You can also turn on your own faucet on the faucet payment because it has all the necessary tools and scripts.

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Is FaucetPay PTC Site a Scam?

So far, FaucetPay PTC site is a 100% legal and trusted micro wallet website. I’m using them because their release has never encountered any problems. If you are a novice, I suggest you use it at least once. You will like it. Once you log in to facetpay, it’s your own.

FaucetPay PTC Site Pros and Cons


  • Receive small payment from faucet claim website
  • Anyone can use the FaucetPay API to create their own faucets
  • Good Recommendation Commission module
  • Two withdrawal options: normal withdrawal and priority withdrawal
  • Multiple profit options such as games, faucets, PTC and trading


  • Low income of faucet claim and PTC
  • Exchanges and transactions are limited to a few passwords.
  • For faucet claims, you need to link the external wallet to the faucet payment.
  • You won’t get rich just by relying on the faucet payment platform.

How to Earn from FaucetPay PTC Site?

First, if you log in to the FaucetPay PTC site at least once a day, you will receive a login reward. You will get 1 bonus point (RP) every day when you log in. But if you log in every day, the login bonus will be higher. You get 1rp on the first day, 2rp on the second day, 3rp on the third day, and so on. You can get up to 100 RP a day.

With RP, you can do different things. You can start different ways to make money within a few hours, such as the offerwall of FaucetPay PTC site or PTC advertising. Or you can replace them with bitcoin. 10RP is equivalent to one Sato. By the way, different things you do in FaucetPay, such as gambling or creating your own PTC advertisement, will also get RP.

In addition to making your own PTC ads, you can also watch them and earn bitcoin directly on FaucetPay. But you need to ask the faucet at least five times a month to use them, but it’s really easy to ask for five times from the faucet. It only takes a few minutes and you still keep the reward, which is why the limit is good.

FaucetPay PTC site also provides many different offer walls, but they are not special, just common offer walls, such as offerto or wannads. If you encounter any problems with one of the offerwalls, remember that tap payment can’t help you. You need to contact the support staff of the bidder directly.

If you like gambling, you can also try different games in FaucetPay. You can find them in the “multiply BTC” menu. We can’t recommend them because the house always wins in gambling. If you gamble, you will lose money in the long run.

Option 1 – Paid Surveys

When you become a member of facetpay, the first money opportunity you can get is their paid survey. I say this is the first opportunity available because other money making opportunities need to be unlocked (I’ll explain how to unlock them later).

But please note that the paid survey I am referring to here is a paid survey from its partner website (timebucks). Their actual salary survey part must be unlocked like other money making opportunities.

Option 2 – Daily Login Bonus

Once a day, you can apply for login bonus. When you log in to this website for the first time, you will immediately see the following photos.

You will receive a daily login reward every day.

On your first day, the daily login bonus of FaucetPay PTC site will be set to 1 bonus point. This situation will gradually increase when you log in to the website continuously. You will receive a maximum of 100 bonus points.

For example, you have logged in to the website for 15 consecutive days, and the last reward is 15 points. Then, the next day, you failed to log in and stopped the winning streak. The next time you log in to the website, the daily login reward you will receive will return to 1 reward point.

That’s why it’s important to keep logging in continuously to maximize your income. In order to let you know the importance of bonus, one bonus point is equivalent to one Satoshi. Therefore, you may earn 100 satoshis every day. In my opinion, this is a good reward.

Option 3 – Offerwalls

This is another money making opportunity you have to unlock at the FaucetPay PTC site. If you pay a certain amount of faucet fees per month (usually 5 to 7 faucet fees), you can only visit the offerwalls of FaucetPay PTC site. So, how do you get the tap payment?

You need to add the faucet you will use so you can unlock other money making opportunities for the site.

The first thing you have to do is sign up for a website or application that gives rewards in the form of Satoshi (the smallest unit of bitcoin). In other words, you have to look for other GPT websites and applications to pay satoshis through the faucet.

Then, you must link the faucet to your faucet payment account (see figure above). Once you link to these, you only need to complete the tasks provided by other websites and applications to get paid. I know, this is a strange setting because you have to work on other websites and apps.

However, if you want to unlock the offerwalls of FaucetPay PTC site, you must comply with this requirement. Now, if you are not familiar with offerwall, they are basically website / application advertising platforms designed to promote websites and mobile applications.

Offerors achieve this through their paid offer. These paid services are simple tasks, and you can get rewards through these tasks. These tasks usually require you to answer surveys or tests, play mobile games, sign up for websites, watch videos or advertisements, and so on.

To use a paid service, simply select the service you want to use and click. Then, click the quotation you are interested in. You will then see the instructions to follow to complete the quote. Be sure to read and understand the instructions before you start, because if you miss even one step, you will not be able to complete the quotation and get paid.

When I tested, FaucetPay had eight offerwalls available, which was not much compared with other GPT websites. Therefore, there is not much work you can do, and eventually you will lose the opportunity to make money. This is one of the disadvantages of this website. However, you can still take advantage of other opportunities at FaucetPay PTC site to earn more.

Option 4 – FEY Staking

Speaking of other opportunities, you can also make money by participating in the fee bet of FaucetPay PTC site. If you have been using cryptocurrency for a long time, it will be familiar to you. But if this is the first time you’ve heard of the word “bet”, it’s an opportunity to make money. You can make money by depositing a certain amount of cryptocurrency for a specific period of time.

You can put in fey tokens for betting, so you can earn more after a certain number of days.

In the case of FaucetPay, they placed a 70 day lock-in period, which would involve a token named fey (or feyorra). So, how can you get this token? You can exchange any cryptocurrency for this token. Well, you can do it inside FaucetPay because they have a trading platform you can use.

For example, you can convert bitcoin into fey tokens. This is usually the route that members take when they want to take a bet. Once you convert bitcoin into fey token, you only need to choose the type of bet you want to participate in.

I suggest you join an almost full one so you don’t have to wait too long for the betting period to start. Once you start, you only need to wait 70 days to get the reward. It’s a bit like putting money in the bank and waiting for the interest to be credited to your account.

Please note that the fey token you bet cannot be recovered before the end of the betting period. Before you decide to participate in this money making opportunity, I suggest you read what the encrypted bet is. Because it may end up losing money, you need to know exactly what you’re doing.

Option 5 – Multiply BTC Games

The FaucetPay PTC site has a section called “multiplication BTC”.

This is a part that can double your income. However, there are risks. All the FaucetPay PTC site games are very simple and easy to learn, and the instructions on the website are also easy to understand. You just have to choose a bet and play the game. If you win, you will get a reward, but if you lose, you will lose your bet. The higher the amount you bet, the more likely you are to win, but, of course, the risk will be higher. So it’s not a good choice for everyone. It’s only a good choice when you like gambling – but be careful that if you’re unlucky, your income may disappear soon.

FaucetPay PTC Site Referral Program

Finally, you can get a bonus by participating in the recommendation program of FaucetPay PTC site. If you are not familiar with what a referral program is, this is basically an opportunity for you to earn money by inviting others to join the site.

You can invite others to join the site so that you can get extra rewards.

All you have to do is share your invitation link with the people you want to invite. Once they use your link to register with FaucetPay PTC site, they will become your recommender.

However, before you can profit from their recommendation program, your recommendation must become an active member of the website. This means that they must complete any money making opportunities provided by faucet payment. For example, if they complete a paid offer from one of their bidders, you will receive a 25% commission, which will be borne by FaucetPay PTC site.

How to Advertise on FaucetPay PTC Site?

As I have told you, faucet payment is a common platform for online money makers and advertisers. Advertisers can list their sponsor posts through the sponsor list and list PTC advertisements through the pay per click option in the advertiser section. Advertisers promote their websites, blogs, tools and services and push traffic to their platforms. Clickers will receive a certain number of Satoshi for viewing sponsorship lists and PTC advertisements.

How to Withdraw from FaucetPay PTC Site?

To withdraw money, you must withdraw money in the upper right corner. There are two ways to make the withdrawal normal, or the priority withdrawal I recommend is normal, because even if you need to wait longer, you have to pay less tax. The minimum threshold that can be extracted varies depending on the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin 1000 Satoshi, 10 Doge, etc.

If you want to withdraw money from your bank account from FaucetPay PTC site, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Create an account on binance exchange from the given link below:

Step 2: At the same time, download the binance application from the play store and complete the KYC process.

Step 3: Log in to the faucet payment account and click the withdrawal section.

Step 4: Now log in to the binance application and click the deposit section to copy the address of the coin. You want to save it.

Step 5: Now paste the coin address into the withdrawal section of FaucetPay.

Step 6: Use P2P method to extract coins from binance to bank account.


FaucetPay PTC site is the best micro wallet on the market. If you want to get some free bitcoin from the faucet, you need to use it. Many faucets can only be paid with faucets, so you have no choice. But if you don’t want to register there, please check our faucets at any time and look for “direct withdrawal” faucets. FaucetPay PTC site pays directly to your wallet instead of a micro wallet. If you don’t want to use the faucet to pay, you must check it before applying, otherwise you can’t get your coin back.

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