Electrum Wallet Review 2022 – Is It Safe For Your Assets?

Electrum Wallet is one of the most established Bitcoin wallets. The wallet, which was previously only accessible through a desktop client, is now also available on mobile. The various operating systems Windows, Mac, and Linux are all compatible with Electrum. The wallet is an open source software wallet. Its source code has been improved over time by a number of developers. It is one of the most dependable wallets on the market because it is open-source. To further enhance its reputation, the wallet has excellent security features.

What Is The Electrum Bitcoin Wallet?

A non-custodial digital wallet that uses hot storage and can be used in conjunction with a hardware wallet that uses cold storage for increased security is called the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet. Having been created in 2011, Electrum is one of the first Bitcoin wallets. To prevent unauthorized access to your BTC, this wallet uses two-factor authentication (2FA).

However, Electrum goes in a different direction. This wallet stands out from the competition because it puts an emphasis on making Bitcoin’s built-in security superpowers, like multiple signatures (multisig) and cold storage, accessible. In contrast to other wallets, Electrum does not support trading on decentralized exchanges or connectivity to the newest decentralized applications.

Consider Electrum to be a feature-rich, stealthy Bitcoin-only wallet. While Electrum won’t win any beauty contests, it is a must-have for serious Bitcoin investors due to its dependable security features.

Pro & Con Of Electrum


  • Setting up this platform is simple.
  • a popular platform.
  • multiple privacy features are available.
  • provides hardware wallet integration for added security.


  • Unsuitable for beginners.
  • only works with Bitcoin.

How Is Electrum Put To Use?

You can create a new wallet with the Electrum Wallet or import an existing Bitcoin wallet. Additionally, more than one Electrum installation can hold wallets. The capability of Electrum to create a cold storage wallet with private keys that are never exposed to the internet until you’re ready, however, is one of its most alluring features.

Electrum syncs to a trusted army of servers rather than the entire blockchain like some other Bitcoin wallets, like Bitcoin Core, do. Due to its design, Electrum can be used as a mobile wallet as well as a wallet on a PC or Mac. Only Android is currently supported for mobile use, though. For iOS, there isn’t yet an app.

How To Start With Electrum Wallet

Our Electrum wallet reviews state that this wallet is quick and simple to download and install. Even non-technical people can complete the installation wizard of Electrum by following the step-by-step instructions. Once configured, the wallet is simple to use and available for use right away by the trader.

To get your Electrum wallet up and running, follow these simple instructions:

  • Downloading the Electrum wallet from the Electrum website is the first step. For Windows, Linux, Mac, or Android users, it is available for download.
  • The installation wizard will handle the setup after users click install after downloading the file. Users may be given the option to select a wallet with two-factor authentication, a standard wallet, a multi-signature wallet, etc.
  • The procedure might involve a few extra steps for multi-signature and two-factor authentication wallets.

What Could Be Improved On Electrum Wallet

Bitcoin only

Due to Electrum’s singular focus on Bitcoin, prospective investors may prefer another wallet. The only currency supported by Electrum right now is Bitcoin. Electrum cannot assist you if you need a place to keep all of your digital currency. Nowadays, cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are also well-known. Increased currency support would enable Electrum to cater to a wider range of cryptocurrency traders.

Past security issues

There have been some security lapses with Electrum’s service. Years ago, Electrum received a lot of criticism for how many users lost the Bitcoin they had stored in their hot wallets. Today, Electrum provides its users with stronger security safeguards. Once more, Electrum is regarded as a secure location to store Bitcoin. However, if a security breach can occur even once, it might occur again. Malicious users are constantly coming up with new strategies to circumvent effective security controls. Even with better security measures in place, the past safety lapses of Electrum raise questions about the future. As a result, more users are prompted to spend money on cold storage equipment to hold their coins should they decide to use Electrum.

Is It Secure To Use The Electrum Bitcoin Wallet?

Electrum is one of the safest ways to store your Bitcoin despite security lapses in the past. The private keys of Electrum’s users’ wallets are protected using incredibly secure encryption techniques. Electrum wallets’ private key generation process uses a seed that is also very secure. Your private keys cannot be stolen from Electrum because it never retains them. Instead, you have control over who has access to and where your private keys are kept. Because of this, Electrum is among the safest hot wallets for storing Bitcoin.

To further limit access to your wallet, Electrum provides features for multi-signature security. Electrum also offers a simpler security setup through 2FA if you are looking for more accessibility than security. Your Bitcoin will be as secure as it can be if you use a cold storage hardware wallet in conjunction with any of Electrum’s security features. Just be careful not to misplace your keys or you might find yourself permanently locked out of your wallet.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet Transferring Funds

Transferring money isn’t too difficult once you’ve customized the wallet to your tastes. There are separate tabs for sending and receiving Bitcoin, as well as one for looking over previous transactions.

You can create a new address and a QR code on the Receive tab, which you can then send to the sender. You can, at your discretion, include a transaction description and a request expiration date. Additionally, Electrum will automatically convert the Bitcoin value into fiat money.

By entering the wallet’s address manually or by scanning its QR code, you can send Bitcoin by switching to the Send tab. To make it easier to locate the transaction later, you can again optionally add a description. The tab also features a slider where you can enter the transaction fee.

The ability to send payments to multiple addresses at once with Electrum is one of its most intriguing features because it reduces transaction costs. But you must first enable it from the Tools menu.

Although they are also by default hidden, Electrum has coin control features as well. To view all of the individual UTXOs, or unspent transaction outputs, you must enable the Coins tab from the view menu. The option to spend them will then appear when you right-click on any of them.


For users who value convenience and security, Electrum is the best bitcoin wallet. It is the most secure cryptocurrency wallet, and both users and the crypto community rely on it. Additionally, it has a number of intriguing features, and the user interface is straightforward. Bitcoins can be stored safely, easily, and conveniently with Electrum. If the user is familiar with using a wallet, they can customize the wireless settings to suit their preferences, which makes it very simple to use.

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