BTC Clicks PTC Site Review (2022) –  How to Get Bitcoins for Free

If you are not familiar with PTC websites, they are basically “brokers” or “intermediaries” between advertisers and consumers. The advertiser pays for his or her advertisements to be displayed, and part of the money will be donated to the people who watch the advertisements. BTC Clicks is such a PTC site, which can help us get bitcoin for free.

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What is BTC Clicks PTC site?

Click is a pay to click website. These types of websites will pay you for clicking on the advertisements displayed on their websites.

Pay to click websites are legal, but you must be very careful when viewing them, because there are many scams there. In fact, I have published some of them on this blog, such as 1dollar adz and $2 click.

BTC PTC scams usually mean that they promise to pay you a lot of money for each click. Generally speaking, because clicking is a very simple task, legitimate PTC websites only need to pay less than 1% per click.

How Does BTC Clicks Work?

The process of BTC Clicks PTC site is actually very simple. Advertisers buy advertising space, and then BTC Click to allow you to register and click advertising. In return, they will transfer a certain proportion of the money to you (pay you in BTC).

Of course, BTC Clicks reserves a certain percentage for themselves – that’s how they make money.

Nevertheless, each click of BTC Clicks PTC site can still earn up to 0.00025 mbtc. In dollar terms, this is about $0.002. As you can see, it’s not a lot of money at all, but as I said, clicking is such a simple task that no company will pay you a lot of money for doing such things.

Another reason these websites don’t pay much is that they don’t get a lot of revenue from advertisers. You can see that, unlike traditional advertising, this type of advertising is much cheaper for advertisers – because most people who click on advertising are not actually interested in what they see.

This means that advertisers may get a lot of hits, but in fact they may not get a lot of customers. Another fact is that most people who use these websites actually don’t have much spare money to spend, which is why they use these websites first… Trying to make money.

Advertisers are also aware of this, which is why it is a cheaper form of advertising.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that BTC Clicks PTC site claims to pay up to 0.00025 mbtc per click, so this means that this is their maximum payment amount. You can’t guarantee that you will get so many clicks per click. In fact, some clicks may be much less.

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Is BTC Clicks a Scam?

BTC Clicks PTC site is a very legal website and one of the best bitcoin PTC websites. Importantly, there seems to be no evidence at all that BTC Clicks PTC site did not pay or delayed payment to its members.

BTC Clicks is an advertising platform that has existed since 2013. According to BTC click comments, they have the highest recommendation Committee in the PTC industry. It provides advertisers with a cheap way to advertise and reach out to people who like bitcoin.

BTC Clicks Pros and Cons


  • Start making money easily and completely free. You don’t even need a bitcoin account until you earn money.
  • When you withdraw money, you will immediately deposit it into your wallet
  • It’s easy to click and watch advertisements


  • The potential to make money is limited
  • There’s only one way to pay, and that’s bitcoin
  • The mobile app is not in the Google play store, but there is one on APK. I don’t know iPhone.

How to Earn from BTC Clicks?

Step 1 – A List of Adverts

Once you register, your main task of making money on BTC Clicks PTC site (millions of bitcoin) is to click and view advertisements for a specific length of time. You will receive a list of advertisements, which will show how long you have to watch them and how much they cost.

Step 2 – Choosing Ads

BTC Clicks PTC site represents bitcoin hits, but in fact, what you click is the score of one milli bitcoin… This is “one thousandth” of bitcoin.

For example, most advertisements pay in the range of 0.00002 to 0.00004 millibitcoin (mbtc). Today’s dollar equivalent is 0.0003 to 0.0006, so you’re looking at a penny per cent advertisement.

BTC Click to view time and mBTC payment

I’m glad BTC Clicks PTC site can tell you the time and cost of watching… But it doesn’t matter. You earn too little money. If you decide to use BTC Clicks PTC site to earn mbtc… Just look down the advertising list and you don’t need to choose.

The bigger problem is that I can’t see the advertisement.

Step 3 – Looking at Ads

Yes, it’s that simple. You’ll see an ad (hosted by btcclicks for tracking) and you just need to view it.

In fact… You don’t even have to look at it. As long as you stay on the page for a period of time, usually 10 to 30 seconds, you will be paid. You can do it while watching Netflix.

The timer (usually in the upper left corner) will count down.

Step 4 – Prove to BTC Clicks That You Are Human

At one time, fraudsters could use “robots” to capture hundreds of PTC websites at the same time and click on thousands, if not millions, of advertisements.

To prevent this from happening, you must prove that you are a real person by solving a simple mathematical problem (verification code).

Step 5 – Earning mBTC

After you crack the verification code (don’t worry, you don’t need a calculator), you should see that millibitcoin has been added to your BTC Clicks PTC site account.

Step 6 – Repeat 

There is no doubt that this is a boring way to make money. Although repetition sounds simple… It will exhaust you because you have to repeat the process thousands of times to make a penny.

BTC Clicks Referral Program

1) BTC Clicks PTC site has the best recommendation plan. Members can use it to earn more bitcoin.

2) BTC Clicks PTC site pays 80% Recommendation Commission for standard members and 160% commission for senior members. This is the highest Commission offered by bitcoin on the PTC website.

3) You can take advantage of the BTC Clicks member upgrade feature to increase the potential of the BTC click recommendation program. This will help you double your referral commission for a small fee.

4) If you can’t make any recommendations, don’t upgrade your btcclicks account.

How Much Money Can You Make From BTC Clicks?

BTC Clicks provides about 20 ads a day, and each ad can earn 4 to 8 satoshis. Unfortunately, the pay is too low. The four satoshis of an advertisement that needs to maintain the focus for more than 10 seconds are too low. You also have to solve an annoying verification code problem after each advertisement, which will make them monotonous. By the way, they tell you that you can earn 00000 4 trillion bitcoin for every advertisement, but don’t let it mislead you. It’s just four satoshis, even if it looks more like it.

Once you have 0.1mbtc, you can withdraw money. You have to click for nearly a year to withdraw money. It’s not because their minimum withdrawal standard is too high, but there are too few advertisements and the payment method is too bad.

You can upgrade your BTC Clicks PTC site account to double your income, but it’s too expensive to make it worth your money. You’re sure to lose money unless you have a lot of references. BTC Clicks are only worth your money and time if you try to get a lot of recommendations. But the question is, why should anyone use BTC to click, and it has almost no reward and no referral? We believe that the concept behind the BTC Clicks PTC site recommendation system is flawed.

How to Advertise on BTC Clicks?

Advertise on BTC Clicks to get high-quality website traffic.

All visitors are guaranteed to be bitcoin users.

Going to another tab or window will stop the ad timer.

Detailed report of the country visited.

CPC starts from 0.00019 mBTC.

Submit your ad campaign and you will be redirected to the page with your payment instructions. You do not need to create an account.

How to Withdraw from BTC Clicks?

Before you withdraw money, the money in btcclicks account or millions of bitcoins are useless. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1mbtc and the fee is 1.5%.

Bitcoin today is unstable at best… At $15000. This means that today, one millibitcoin (mbtc) is worth $15.

The minimum payment is 0.1 million bitcoin, or one tenth, or $1.50.

As the value of bitcoin changes… You can do mathematical calculations.

If it rises to $20000 in the next four seconds (the value of bitcoin is not very stable)… 0.1 trillion bitcoin is equivalent to $2.00.

Bitcoin can also trip, fall, hit its head… And then wake up in pain for $1000… If so, 0.1mbtc will be worth 10 cents.


As I said before, btcclicks is a very legal and the best bitcoin PTC website in the world. Compared with most of the highest paid bitcoin PTC websites, their advertising rate is very high. BTC Clicks PTC site has a good custom website design to provide the best user experience. Beginners can click with BTC without confusion. BTC Clicks has a brief FAQ section that can answer almost all the questions in members’ minds. BTC Clicks have very poor support and they will never reply to emails.

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