Autofaucet Dutchycorp Space Guide (2022) – How to Earn Free Crypto Step by Step

Autofaucet dutchycorp space has a very unique structure. You need to use it to store Dutchy coins or tokens, and then use the “automatic faucet” to convert these coins into the password of your choice. Let’s discuss in detail how to use the various functions of autofaucet dutchycorp space and how to get benefits, and then you can extract it into your wallet.

What is Autofaucet Dutchycorp Space?

Autofaucet dutchycorp space is a more perfect website and service. And it is also a very popular and legal bitcoin faucet. Autofaucet dutchycorp space has existed since 2018, but it seems to have undergone some of the latest updates and looks more modern. Autofaucet dutchycorp space is one of the most exquisite and legal encryption faucets we have seen not long ago.

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How to Sign up on Autofaucet Dutchycorp Space?

1. Go to

2. Fill in the information and click Sign Up

3. Verify your account (Check your spam folder)

4. Go to the dashboard

How to Start Autofaucet Dutchycorp Space Auto Claim?

1. Select Your Favorite Payment Mode And Refresh Timer

2. Choose The Coins That You Want Claim!

You can choose Up to 73 coins by reaching level 73 (5 coins Actually)

3. Pass The Anti-Bot & Start The Process !

4. Start Autofaucet

How to Earn Autofaucet Dutchycorp Space Dutchy?

1. OfferWall

Offerwalls are best way to earn a lot of free DUTCHY Tokens by viewing advertised websites, answering questions, registering on services or downloading and keeping applications on mobile phones. And there are levels required.

2. Shortlinks Wall

100 XP for completing one Shortlink.

24H Max Reward : 14333 DUTCHY (196 links Available)

Step 1: Choose one short link

Step 2: Click Claim

Step 3: Check here to continue

Step 4: Wait for next steps

Step 5: Click Continue again

Step 6: Wait for the link and touch the number if the countdown is stopped.

Step 7: Get Link

Step 8: Get your Dutchy

3. Space Bonuses

New Benefits to Space Token (SPACE) and SPACE LP Tokens on-chain Holders:

To be eligible to Space Token bonuses you must have at least 200 SPACE in your Wallet (As Space Token is a cross-chain project, SPACE who are held on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Network, and Fantom Network are included).

To be eligible to the SPACE LP bonuses, you must have at least 5 SPACE LP tokens (5 SPACE LP tokens corresponds 5$ of LP tokens that you can get by providing liquidity on our 3 pools: SPACE-BNB, SPACE-MATIC and SPACE-FTM ).

4. Dutchy Roll

Users need fill the captcha below and press the Roll button to receive your free  DUTCHY and 20 XP. The amount of  DUTCHY you win depends on the number you roll, and it’s paid according to its corresponding position in the payout table at the bottom. And You Can Roll Every 30 Minutes.

Step 1: Go to Dutchy Roll

Step 2: Enter the following words

Step 3: Get the lucky number

Step 4: Check your lucky number

5. CoinRoll

The steps are as the same as the Dutchy Roll.

6. PTC Wall

Step 1: Go to PTC Wall

Step 2: Wait for the seconds over

Step 3: Dutchhy and XP added to your account

7. SurfAds

Step 1: Go to SurfAds and choose one to visit

Step 2: Wait for the seconds is over

Step 3: Get the Dutchy

8. Interests

The tasks are not active at present.

9. Social Jobs

Step 1: Vote for space token(SPACE) on CoinSniper

Step 2: Enter your Screenshot URL

Step 3: Get thr Space Bonuses

10. CPU Miner

1.Start Earning DUTCHY by mining with your CPU, each 500000 hashes mined you will received DUTCHY automatically. Pending Hashes are recorded in our database each 5 minutes.

2.The mining Earning Rate displayed above can fluctuate (It’s updated each hour), reward is based on mining difficulty & eventual DUTCHY price changes.

3.This tool permits you to ajust your Mining Power (by changing Threads), by adding Threads your Hashrate may increase but with more CPU usage.

4.You must know that this tool use your Computer / Mobile CPU, it can slow down, overheat or damage your machine if you activate too much Threads, We advice to use low Thread and let your machine pause from time to time.

11. GUI Miner

1.Download the GUI zip file (~59 MB)

2.Extract the Folder

3.Run “GUI Miner.exe”

4.Click on “START MINING” button 🙂

12. Contests

1.More you will gain XP Daily or Weekly, more you will have chance to win !

This contest pay 100 users who won more XP in last 24h & last Week.

2.Rank will be reset each 24h for Daily Contest & each Monday for Weekly Contest.

If you are in the top 100 you will receive your DUTCHY and SPACE & Contests will be reset at Midnight (Server Time: UTC).

3.You can earn 100 XP after each Shortlink Task, 50 XP after each PTCWall viewads task and 20 XP after each roll game.

Furthermore, each offerwalls done & validated will give you from 10% to 20% of DUTCHY earned as XP (20% for “Pay to Surf” Walls, 10% for other walls).

Finally, Each staking claims give you XP depending on your claimed amount (more infos on the staking page)

13. Level Bonuses (Level 1-100: 0.1%-10%)

14. Loyalty Bonuses

For every Consecutive Day you claim at least one time on one of Roll Games (Coin Roll or DUTCHY Roll), you get a 0.5% increase in each Roll Games Rewards!

The Maximum Loyalty Bonus is 100% (200 Consecutive Days)

If you don’t play to Roll Games during more than 24 Hours, your Loyalty Bonus will be reset to 0%.

What is Autofaucet Dutchycorp Space Flexible Staking?

Flexible Staking is a new way to allow users to stake cryptoccurrencies, you will be able to acquire more coins for staking. You may redeem your Funds at any time by clicking on “Unstake”.

By clicking on “Stake” Button, you will be able to Stake a Coin, Funds from your Main Balance will be transfered to your Staking Balance.

By clicking on “Claim” Button, your Unclaimed rewards will be tranfered on your Main Balance and you will earn and you will earn from 0.1 to 2.5% of the claimed rewards as XP depending of your membership and of the staking pool APY. Click here to know more about XP Rewards… 

First rewards will be received 12 hours after you start staking. After these 12 hours, you will receive staking rewards each 4 hours.

What is Autofaucet Dutchycorp Space Coin Swap and How to Swap?

You can select your Dutchy Tokens to other cryptos you want to exchange.

Step 1: Go to Crypto Exchange

Step 2: Select Dutchy Tokens and other supported coins

Step 3: Type the Dutchy Balance

Step 4: Click Exchange

Step 5: Successfully Exchanged

What is Autofaucet Dutchycorp Space Wallet Balance?

The Withdraw Button will be enabled when you reach the minimum amount required. The minimum Required for each coin is displayed below. A Message will appear if the balance is out of founds.

Blockchain Withdrawal :

By Clicking on Withdraw Button with “Blockchain” Selected, your payment will be sent automatically to your wallet, in this case you will receive after required network confirmations (generally from ~1 to 20 Minutes). Before withdrawing, You have to set all your blockchain addresses + Message/ Tag for some Coins (Optional). Set your Wallet Addresses here Withdrawal :

By Clicking on Withdraw Button with selected, you will receive your funds directly & Instantly on your FaucetPay Account if DutchyCorp FaucetPay Balances are funded. Remember that, before withdrawing, You have to set your Mail address (The Mail that you use to login on FaucetPay)

What is Autofaucet Dutchycorp Space Gift Code?

You can regular share gift codes on Autofaucet Dutchycorp Space social networks.

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