Review (2022) – Scam or Legit PTC Site? is a top legitimate bitcoin PTC website. Users can click or view advertisements and will receive Satoshi rewards. was founded on October 1, 2016. I have joined since December 19, 2016. Up to now, although I have left other PTC websites, there is only one adbtc website. I am still trying to click on the available advertisements, although I don’t check the advertisements every day. I like this website because there are no premium accounts or member upgrades.

What is PTC Site? PTC site provides you with bitcoin and website advertising. The following sentences describe the activities of the platform under consideration today. If you ask about the relationship between and bitcoin, we will answer in the most direct way. PTC site started working in March 2017 and has been actively developing since then. is a bitcoin box, that is, a click service, which pays for some behaviors of visitors. That is, click, browse websites, watch commercial advertisements, etc. For the promised behavior, bitcoin can be used for payment. Another platform activity is advertising on third-party websites. Advertisers pay for viewing ads, but we won’t cover this aspect of the project.

Many people are interested in what BTC PTC site is and how to make money from it. Adbtc platform provides services to make money through surfing.

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Is PTC Site a Scam? PTC site received a rating of 4.1 based on 105 comments from trustpilot. is legal. It is possible to make money or get bitcoin on the platform. These are the positive feedback of users on the platform. These users have made a lot of bitcoins and made withdrawals.

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  • This service really pays for the task;
  • The revenue is higher than other bitcoin cranes;
  • Referral plan;
  • The website has no advertising and spam overload;
  • Rapid withdrawal of funds;
  • Open statistics.


  • There is a minimum withdrawal amount;
  • A limited number of tasks per day;
  • In most cases, the website provides projects for advertising scammers, so be extra careful not to trust suspicious organizations.

How to Earn from PTC Site?

As we said, watching advertisements, users can get Satoshi. Remember Satoshi is 0.00000001 BTC. Depending on the site situation, the cost of one operation may be between 8 and 45 Satoshi. The current price of the promotional offer can be found in the “current price” section.

There are three main ways to make money:

  • Surfing Sites

What happens is that when you decide to browse PTC site ads, you have to go to the “browse ads” section and start viewing ads. When you click the start button, a new window will appear with advertisements. Then, a countdown will appear in the previous window, indicating when you can stop watching the advertisement. After the countdown, you can close the window and click the start button to watch the next advertisement.

You can keep doing this until there are no more advertisements to see. The PTC site dashboard will also tell you how many advertisements are left and how many rewards you can get.

As long as the PTC site advertising window is not closed, other windows can be viewed during the countdown.

You won’t make a lot of money from this opportunity to make money, but it doesn’t require much effort. In my opinion, it’s good.

  • Surfing Sites in the Active Window

This opportunity to make money is very similar to surfing advertising, but with a little difference.

When you browse advertisements, you can view other windows without stopping the timer. In active window browsing, if you go to another window or tab, the timer will stop, so it is named.

In order to get the reward, you must stay on the label or window specified by PTC site until the timer ends. You must also complete the verification code to get the reward of each offer.

  • ·Auto Surfing

So far, this is the most convenient opportunity for them to make money.

All you have to do is click the start button and wait for it to finish. It will open a new window showing the websites you need to visit. PTC site will still have a timer running.

But as the name suggests, once the timer of the current site is completed, it will automatically enter the next site. You don’t have to click on anything else. All you have to do is wait for it to end.

Well, when all this happens, you can browse other windows or tabs of PTC site.

Again, although this seems to be a very simple way to make money, you need to realize that this is not a way to make money quickly because the return is very small.

The first method is to “browse the website”, assuming that you click on the link provided to you and pay a known browsing cost. After that, the advertising website will open in a new window, and the countdown will start from 20-40 seconds. There is no need to look at the advertisement. Satoshi will be credited to your account at the end of the advertisement. The tab cannot be closed during the countdown. To continue using this method, you need to enter the verification code in the form of a solution to a mathematical problem or “I’m not a robot”

The second method “browse the website in the active window” differs from the first method in that after tracking the link, when the timer counts down, you cannot switch to another window. If you switch to another window, the timer will stop. After returning to the active window, the countdown will continue. This way of making money from PTC site has few links, so you shouldn’t particularly rely on it.

Auto surfing is the easiest way to get Satoshi at PTC site. You just need to open the label and continue the class. Satoshi will be considered fully automatic. Unfortunately, there are few websites in this part, so you can’t make much money here.

How to Advertise on PTC Site?

From PTC site: “unlike other websites, in adbtc surfing, advertising links open in a new browser tab, which allows you to search for pages that cannot be opened in iframe (for example, VK or Facebook groups and posts, YouTube videos, twitter, etc.) Advertise You choose the price of your visit. The higher the bid per click, the higher your site will appear in the list and the more visits you will receive. The minimum price per visit is 6 Satoshi. “ PTC Site Referral Program

You can also invite people to join PTC site and become members. In return, you will get a certain percentage of your income from their website.

If everyone you invite becomes a member of PTC site, you will get 10% of their surfing income. Of course, PTC site will bear this responsibility, not your recommendation.

To invite someone, all you have to do is share your recommendation link with them, or you can embed your recommendation banner in your website (if you have one).

We can’t guarantee that you will get income from the recommender, because it all depends on whether your recommender will continue to be active on the website.

However, this is a good reward because it doesn’t require much effort. But it’s still not as easy as it sounds, because you need to invite a lot of friends to earn something really valuable.

How Much Money Can You Make From PTC Site?

As you can see, you will get bitcoin instead of real money. But for some, it’s real money.

However, don’t expect to make much money from PTC site. In the long run, one dollar is equivalent to about 13000 dollars of satoshis. Every ad you click or website you visit can earn you 10 to 40 satoshis.

This is its reward. Although you can say you don’t need to do many things to make money, the key is that you have to visit hundreds of such websites to make a dollar. Considering that every website you visit takes a certain time, it really takes a long time to earn considerable income from this website.

Therefore, overall, the revenue potential of PTC site is very low. You will have to invest a lot of time to make a lot of money. If you are looking for the best website to earn bitcoin, I suggest you go to the top survey website to earn bitcoin.

How to Withdraw from PTC Site?

We can use adbtc to withdraw funds from three directions:

To faucet wallet – minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 Satoshi.

Bitcoin address – the minimum withdrawal amount is 35000 Satoshi.

Transfer to ad balance – unlimited.

All withdrawal actions of PTC site are carried out without authorization. To withdraw funds, go to the “withdrawal” section and select one of the suggested options.

Conclusion PTC site is an interesting way to make money for active Internet users who often work behind the monitor. Although there are technical problems on the platform, the various surfing methods provided by the platform will only increase its popularity among users, and the long-term operation is self-evident. However, you always need to understand that you can’t make a lot of money only on such a platform, so whether you cooperate with PTC site or not depends on you.

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